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Core Healing Hypnosis for True Self-Love

Core Healing Hypnosis for True Self-Love The word LOVE has many translations and many roots. It means different things to different people. And for different people. If we think of it as "expanded love" versus just love for a partner, then opportunities open up to us to show love many different ways, including to ourselves. [...]

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Healing from Hurting

Healing from Hurting "We're not responsible for causing our problems, but we're responsible for cleaning them up." ~ Dr. Joyce Glasser The first time I heard my mentor say the above quote, I was stunned. What do you mean we're not responsible for creating them???? I think I am and certainly I can think of a [...]

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You Might Scare the Children!

You Might Scare the Children! "It's not about being perfect. It's about your ability to "repair." ~ ummm, Me (Dr. Liz!) I affectionately call my younger daughter the "Lord of the Flies" child. She's in that stage where you could drop her and her friends off on an island with junk food, video games, and a [...]

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Featured on the “#Parenting . . . Who?” Podcast about Inner Child Hypnosis

Featured on the "#Parenting . . . Who?" Podcast about Inner Child Hypnosis! I'm honored to be featured on the #Parenting Podcast run by Julie Clarke! She is a registered psychotherapist, child and youth care practitioner and somatic experiencing™ practitioner. She works mostly in private practice in Ontario, Canada as well as virtually online offering [...]

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Moving out of Sadness

Moving out of Sadness Transcript Today we're going to talk about something that I ran across in the DBT skills workbook. I use this workbook with a lot of my clients in my practice in Hollywood, Florida which is in Broward County, South Florida area. We do worksheets from it, particularly for clients dealing with [...]

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