Please note that this interview was done before Dr. Hamilton had completed her PhD. Her update about her MS and the work she is doing now airs 01/20/2023 in episode HM259 “Quantum Biology and Healing with Dr. Skyler Hamilton.”

Dr. Skyler Hamilton is interviewed by Dr. Liz about how she healed her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how her husband used hypnosis to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy to the point where he was able to run 3 miles a day during his treatments and not miss a day of work.

Please note that hypnosis is not a cure for medical conditions but is discussed in this episode as a way to reduce side-effects and reframe treatment as healing and strength-giving. We’ll Learn:

  • Skyler’s first experiences with hypnosis through free diving and a 46 minute birth of her second child.
  • How Skyler used hypnosis to go from being in a wheelchair with home health aides to heal her own MS.
  • How her husband used hypnosis to reduce side-effects of chemotherapy treatment and live years past his original estimate of 18 months.
  • How her husband uses hypnosis to maintain his progress.
  • How hypnosis works on a cellular level.
  • Skyler’s work with Opioid addiction and Opioid recovery and the transformation she begin to see with hypnosis.
  • Skyler’s research on hypnosis for healing on the cellular level.

**Correction: Skyler mentions Hep B when discussing addiction when she meant to say Hep C.


About Dr. Skyler Hamilton

Dr. Skyler Hamilton Ph.D., is a Mind Body Psychologist, specializing in brain-gut disorders and the somatization of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Dr. Hamilton’s methods include cutting-edge, evidenced-based techniques including neurolinguistic re-programming, psychoneuroimmunology, hypnosis, meditation, family systems and attachment theories. Her approach is evidenced based but is built upon a genuine, empathic bond. Dr. Hamilton has developed a unique evidence based neuroscience approach for treating inflammatory diseases. Her approach incorporates the power of the mind and Hypnosis for successful management of these extraordinarily difficult cases.

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About Dr. Liz

Winner of numerous awards including Top 100 Moms in Business, Dr. Liz provides psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and hypnosis to people wanting a fast, easy way to transform all around the world. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and has special certification in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Specialty areas include Anxiety, Insomnia, and Deeper Emotional Healing.

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