Couples Counseling

“I’ve made so many changes in the marriage and how I relate to my husband that now he wants to see you! Thank you so much.” – L.V.

Be friends again with couples counseling in Broward with Dr. Liz.

Be friends again with couples counseling in Broward with Dr. Liz.

Who wants to stay together miserably for the next 20 years? Therapy helps you learn new ways to relate so that you both feel better in the relationship.

A friend once asked me if I thought that Couples therapy can hurt rather than help. She was concerned about going in and “just fighting the whole time.” I told her, “Yes, I did think it could hurt.”

If the therapy is not structured for change, if it does not require that the couple begin to relate differently in session, then they can walk out feeling like they could have had that fight at home . . . why pay someone to be there with them?

Warning Signs of a Relationship in Trouble

  • Feeling constantly Criticized
  • Feeling like you’re going in circles and not ever solving anything
  • No sex or happens infrequently
  • None or very little affection
  • Avoiding phone calls or emails
  • Ridicule and Name Calling
  • Uncontrolled Anger
  • Addiction or Addictive Habits
  • Constant thoughts of Divorce
  • Avoiding your partner or not wanting to talk to each other at all
  • Refusing to discuss things in the relationship, cutting conversations off
  • Workaholism, to the point where you never talk or spend time together
  • Not being able to talk about most things without one or both of you becoming defensive about it and either exploding or shutting down

If you have a couple of the these warning signs or read one of them and get that sinking feeling in your stomach then it’s time to get help.  If you want to work on yourself as a partner in your marriage or relationship, then schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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How I Work

Only 12% of therapists have specific training in Marriage & Family Therapy.

My training started in graduate school with a speciality in child, family, and couples counseling. I went on to get further specialization in Gottman Couples Therapy (Level 1) and The Couples Institute (Full Year Specialization).

Other than our parents, our partners in life are one of the biggest influences on our growth, development as a person, and happiness.

The longer I’m in practice, the more I feel that your individual work is more effective at changing your relationship.

I’m currently only seeing Individuals wanting to improve or heal their marriage. I’m not seeing couples together.

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For more information, please check out my Hypnosis for Couples page or the video below. If you’re looking more for traditional couples counseling where they see you together, please seek services from a different therapist.