HOW to feel Better about yourself

Millions of people watch videos telling them to feel better about themselves. The videos often go something like this . . . "You NEED to feel better about yourself! I was talking to a friend and she said everything would turn around for me if I JUST felt better about myself." Then there's dramatic music and [...]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go - relationship counseling? One of the most common reasons that people start therapy is that they are having problems in their relationship. Sometimes these are smaller problems or they recognize that it's something in themselves that needs some work. But sometimes these are bigger problems and they're trying [...]

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How long is Therapy?

How long is Therapy? This is probably the question I get asked the most, other than "What is Hypnosis like?" It's a great question as it allows you to plan and budget for therapy. Let's look at the research first before jumping into my thoughts about it.  According to a 2010 study published in the American [...]

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How much is Too Much Porn?

Do you feel like you are watching too much porn? How much is Too Much Porn? I actually get this question quite a bit - How much is too much porn? Unfortunately, there's not one good answer to that question. It's really an individual call based on your own values and your own [...]

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“Undeserved” Forgiveness

"Undeserved" Forgiveness The first time I heard this concept, I totally bust out laughing. I hope you enjoy hearing about and using the "technique" (really, Way of Living!) as much as I do! If you would like to comment on it and let me know your thoughts, please do so on my YouTube channel or [...]

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