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Can Hypnosis Help You Stay Sober After Addiction Treatment?

Can Hypnosis Help You Stay Sober After Addiction Treatment? Guest post by Patrick Bailey. The first step to overcoming addiction is often seeking treatment. However, holistic addiction treatment doesn't end when you complete a substance abuse program. It's something that you will need to continue to work on to prevent relapse. It's important to use [...]

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3 Reasons for Kindness

3 Reasons for Kindness Someone asked me last week why I recommended doing an act of kindness to help with anxiety on election day 2020 in the United States. I had several reasons but these are the Top 3. 1.  It takes your focus off of you and your anxiety and onto someone or something [...]

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Today’s Thought Changing Tip!

Today's Thought Changing Tip! Last week, we talked about a self-help book that I recommend, "Feeling Great," by David Burns, MD, who is a very well-known Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT). The book focuses on looking at the negative way you're viewing things and changing your thought patterns to positive ones to feel better. One thought changing method I've [...]

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Do Self-Help Books Work?

Do Self-Help Books Work? The short answer is YES! But the long answer has a few more nuances to it. I cannot tell you how many "self-help" books have helped me in my life. It's too many to count! That doesn't mean though that I haven't spent years of my life seeking professional help. There's a perspective that [...]

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Tips for a more Peaceful Political Season

Tips for a more Peaceful Political Season I know I have a lot of international readers so please note that these tips can apply no matter what country you're in when you enter a political season. Here in the US, we're preparing for the presidential election in November of 2020. Before last week, I didn't even think [...]

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