Demystifying Hypnosis: Exploring Awareness & Trust

Step into the mystifying world of hypnosis with me, Dr. Liz, as we debunk some of the biggest misconceptions around this fascinating practice. Ever wondered if you’ll be completely unaware during a hypnosis session? It’s not so black and white. Your ability to enter a meditative state, your trust in the practitioner, and your own knowledge about the process all influence your experience. Whether you’re well-versed in meditation or a rookie exploring hypnosis, this episode will bring clarity and deepen your understanding of how it all works.


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Winner of numerous awards including Top 100 Moms in Business, Dr. Liz provides psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and hypnosis to people wanting a fast, easy way to transform all around the world. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and has special certification in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Specialty areas include Anxiety, Insomnia, and Deeper Emotional Healing.


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Hi everyone. Dr Liz here.

Today I’m doing a mini-episode, which is a very brief episode, answering a question that I get pretty frequently about one of my specialty areas Hypnosis, anxiety, phobias, insomnia, and chronic conditions – one of those areas. 


Today’s question is will I be completely unaware during hypnosis? I love this one. I don’t mind answering it anytime that I get it, because for someone who’s never had hypnosis, how would you know? I think that question sometimes stems from what people see on TV, around videos where the person does look completely unaware. They’re just lying there. You can’t tell if they’re aware or not. They could be completely asleep. They could be listening to every single word. You really don’t know. 


This is actually a little more complex question than it sounds like. Let’s see if I can answer it pretty quickly here. 


One it depends on how skilled you are already going into a meditative state, basically slowing your brain waves down. For someone who’s a longtime meditator, they can usually put their mind into a meditative state pretty quickly. Even then they may pay attention to every single word I say because that then depends on how trusting they are. That’s probably not the answer you expected. We’re going a little bit deeper today than you anticipated, aren’t we? 


Yes, some of it depends on how trusting someone is. So if someone’s researched me a lot and they’ve listened to my podcast and they know who I am, they tend to be a little more trusting of me than someone who hasn’t done all that kind of research. 


Maybe they googled a couple of times and they chose me and they had a call with me and then they came in. They’re going to have less trust initially. 


We also have our own personal trust scale how much we trust people in general. So someone who’s more trusting on that scale regardless of who the person is or how much they know them is going to be able to relax a little bit more and drift off a little bit more during hypnosis than someone who’s not. 


Someone who’s not as trusting or perhaps doesn’t know me as well, is going to keep their brain alert, and I see that as a healthy process. Actually, I’m never offended by that. It’s like that’s healthy. You’re protecting yourself. In that case, you are listening to everything I say to make sure that I’m saying good things that are going to help you. 


Now, as someone gets to know me more and they feel more comfortable with me and they’re also developing the skill of entering hypnotic or trance state more easily because they see it as a skill. When you practice that, you can do it more and more easily. Then they’re able to drift off some and trust that I am only saying good things to help them. 


Now there are times that I want someone more aware during the hypnosis, and that is the type of hypnosis where we are exploring something. If you search up on my website or the podcast Core Healing, Inner Child Healing we’re basically going back and looking at where did some of these beliefs develop that are holding you back in your life, that are not creating the relationships or the life that you want in. We’re healing those. So I want someone to be aware enough during those sessions that they can respond to my questions. 


That’s also true for types of hypnosis where we’re doing past life regression or we’re doing beyond quantum healing, where we’re looking for guidance from the spiritual world. 


Now someone can process that completely internally and not have to say a word to me. So I have some techniques that I use to be able to do that. If they don’t want to talk during the hypnosis, typically I’m asking questions as we go and they’re responding to those questions. So I don’t want them in a state so deep that they can’t respond to those questions. 


Usually, the question of will I be unaware during hypnosis is applying to the type of hypnosis where someone really is just listening to it. So I do that type too for all kinds of issues confidence, habit change, weight loss, reducing anxiety, reducing insomnia, sleeping better. There’s plenty of types that I do for that. 


I have a whole migraine protocol where we’re reducing chronic tension, headaches and migraines. Or there’s a whole IBS protocol for irritable bowel syndrome, where the person is just simply listening to that, and listening at home as well. Almost all of those I record. 


Stop smoking, that’s another one. Or stop vaping that’s a really popular one these days where I am working with the person in session, whether that’s in person or through Zoom because I see people all over the US and all over the world and I’m recording that during the session because it’s customized to you. And then send you the recording to listen to later. 


So sometimes people experience that maybe during the session they’re not drifting off too much, but when they’re listening to it by themselves at home in a safe place, they can relax enough to do that. 


Now I will say I absolutely have a good percentage of people that completely drift off, even during that first session where they’re just feeling super relaxed and happy about the change to come, that they’re getting help. So I absolutely have that situation as well. 


Alright, people, I hope that you are happy and healthy and safe. Always feel free to reach out to me if you need help with something. 


The podcast is taking a break, as well as the newsletter in August, but I will be back in September with some new episodes. And hey, there are 273, actually 274, because I had an episode zero when I first started. We used to do episode zeros and then they stopped that at some point, but when I first started the podcast, there was an episode zero. 


So there are 274 other episodes for you to listen to while the podcast is on break, search up some topic that you’re interested in and give it a listen. All right, I’ll talk to you soon. Peace. 

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