Future Life Hypnosis Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH

I offer several types of Hypnosis:  Core Healing, Past Life Regression, and Beyond Quantum Healing. We’ll look at the first two briefly and then BQH more in depth.

core healing vs past life regression vs beyond quantum healing hypnosis

Core Healing is an in-depth, intensive technique that uses hypnosis to create deep healing in the mind and body for emotional roots of problems. You’re changing negative beliefs about yourself that are holding you back in life.

During Core Healing, you’re accessing memories from an earlier time in your life when you developed negative beliefs. This may be childhood, your teenage years, or any particular time in your adulthood that was impactful for you. People who have an intuitive sense that they need to heal their “Inner Child” often go back to early childhood. See more information about Core Healing.

Past Life Regression takes you into one or more past lives. People request a PLR for several reasons and often it’s to see if there’s some type of “connection” to this life. That may be a connection to a partner, a family member, or a friend. It may be to heal a physical condition going on. It may be to heal an emotional condition or state.

When someone goes to a Past Life, they may also jump to a spiritual place we call the “life between lives,” where you find information about why you chose this life and the different players in it. Learn more about my approach to Past Life Regression (I’m now doing more of the work online since that video was published).

Beyond Quantum Healing is unique in that you can travel either backwards or forwards in your timeline. Yes, we sometimes go to the future if it’s appropriate to answer a question! The purpose of BQH is to seek guidance about questions you have. This guidance may come from your spiritual guides who are asked to join us. It may be from images you see or a sense that you get.

When I did a BQH session myself, one of my questions was whether I should move to a particular city. Under hypnosis, the city was covered with a blanket of sadness. It was clear to me that if I moved there, I would end up being very sad.  Even the house that I had made an offer on (and did not get) appeared as a house of sadness. Thank god the offer wasn’t accepted!

This graphic compares the different take on questions depending on what type of hypnosis session we are doing.

This graphic compares the different take on questions depending on what type of hypnosis session we are doing.

Potential Beyond Quantum Healing Questions

Below is a small list of potential questions. Most people have a few questions that immediately pop to mind. Those are important! Pay attention to them! But if you would like to make more questions, think about different areas of your life and see what comes up for you.

Common Areas of Questions are:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional health
  • Specific relationships with others or events
  • Work or professional life
  • Mysteries
  • Cosmic Questions
  • Purpose for being here on earth at this time.

Sample Questions

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • What is my path in this life?
  • What did I come to do in this life?
  • What life lessons did I come here to learn?
  • What is the role of a friend or family member in my life?
  • Why am I experiencing certain health issues?
  • How can I heal a specific issue?
  • Where did this issue come from?
  • How can I overcome an addiction?
  • Have I had a past or parallel life with a specific person in my life?
  • Will I be happy with a specific person?

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis helps opens the door to the subconscious mind and the spiritual realm. Although BQH is technically not a “hypnosis” technique, I have found that going into a hypnotic trance helps the person access the spiritual realm and their guides more easily. Also, BQH uses very similar elements as hypnosis to help put you into a trance state.

What is the Process?

It’s important that you send your questions and intentions for the session beforehand so that I can begin working on them from a spiritual perspective.

We start the session by checking in and talking some. Then we do a brief ceremony to start the spiritual part of the session. Next we do a relaxation process to go into a more open, trance state. Then we ask the questions you are seeking guidance on.

I also recommend that you visit the Get Ready for YOUR Session page and watch the videos and do the practice meditations before your session.

The sessions generally run about 2 hours whether in person or through Zoom. Please note that although 2-3 hours may be scheduled, the client only pays for the time spent in half hour increments past the 1.5 hour minimum. Ex., If we only use 2 hours, the client would only pay for that amount of time.

What if I don’t see anything?

This is an intensive process and I cannot predict what may or may not come up for you. Every client I have worked with has reported benefits from doing BQH. Most clients are able to “see” or get an intuitive sense of guidance the first session. But some clients need a second or third session to be able to do that.

One direct action you can take to help this along is to practice both listening to a meditation and tuning into your imagination! See the Get Ready for YOUR Session page to do both of those!


Learn More

To hear more about this method, you can visit the Get Ready for YOUR Session page.

How to Schedule

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