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Core Healing is an in-depth, intensive technique that uses hypnosis to create deep healing in the mind and body. Negative self-talk drops away, you lift out of depression and anxiety, and self-sabotage ceases (including addiction). If emotional roots of physical problems are present, we’re able to discover this and heal the emotional roots. Once the emotional roots are healed, the body follows and physical problems often drop away, including auto-immune disorders and excess weight that has an emotional origin.

During Core Healing, you’re accessing memories from an earlier time in your life. This may be childhood, your teenage years, or any particular time in your adulthood that was impactful for you. People who have an intuitive sense that they need to heal their “Inner Child” often go back to early childhood.

A wonderful use of Core Healing is for people who attract relationships – both romantic and friendships – that aren’t good for them. We go in and see what originally caused this, delete those beliefs, and replace them with ones that are supportive of you attracting healthy relationships or improving the one you’re in.

“I called Dr. Bonet because I was tired of dating sociopaths! I had done that for years and the relationships were painful and always ended badly. I did two rounds of Core Healing hypnosis and felt, for the first time in my life, good about myself and my ability to choose a good man to date. This came true just a month later and now I’m in a relationship with someone who I feel loved and cared for by, who really is a good person inside and out. No more drama! What a relief!” – Lara G.


Does your Conscious fight with your Subconscious: Do you say over and over that you’re going to do one thing and then do another?

Negative Beliefs = Negative Thoughts, Actions, Self-talk, and Self-concepts.

The negative self-concepts and beliefs create the problems we have. Even our health can be affected proven through many, many research studies. Bessel van der Kolk, MD, in his book, “The body keeps the score:  Brain, Mind, and Body in the healing of trauma,” cites many, many studies that show a relationship between childhood abuse and trauma and auto-immune diseases. In just one of his studies, his team found that female incest survivors had abnormalities in the ratios of immune cells, compared with un-traumatized women, exposing them to autoimmune diseases.

In contrast, positive self-concepts can help a person navigate through life with ease.

To facilitate Core Healing, negative self-concepts and beliefs are identified by using a variety of hypnoanalytic techniques including personality assessment and going back to earlier memories. A person’s here and now problems serve as a guide to identifying negative beliefs. The beliefs are then deleted in the healing phase of the process and replaced with positive, opposite self-concepts. This is how Core Healing differs from traditional CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Behavioral therapy, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and other talk therapy techniques.

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your services. I’m finally able to forgive myself and it’s because of the work you did with me. Thank you so much. I listen to the second recording frequently.” ~ J.L.

The Results

This gives a person constructive control of his/her own behavior, emotions, relationships, and physical well-being. You feel stronger, more in control, and bouts of anxiety and depression are no longer present. You let go of negative self-talk, recurring depression and anxiety, addiction, and various other self-sabotaging illnesses and problems.

Energy is regained, the mind becomes more focused, physical health improves, relationships are deepened, and depression is let go of easily and without effort resulting in a state of happiness and calm. On long-term follow-up (3-4 years out), clients report that they haven’t just maintain the effects of Core Healing, rather their feelings about themselves, their relationships, and their lives have gotten better and better over time.

“I struggled with episodes of depression my whole life. I came to see Dr. Bonet once again depressed and feeling overwhelmed by my kids. I was not enjoying being a mother or wife. After Core Healing, I no longer feel like depression is right around the corner no matter what I do. Having struggled for so long, this feels like a miracle to me. I feel like I can handle my kids better, and feel good about my life and my relationships.” – M.S.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis opens the door to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind governs our whole being physically, emotionally, behaviorally, relationally, and spiritually. Our conscious mind takes in information, sorts it, and evaluates it. The conscious mind often reacts according to the dictates of the subconscious mind. This is particularly true if you find that your conscious mind seems to be at a battle with itself. It’s saying to do one thing and then you find yourself doing another. The conscious mind (and all your friends and family) often says, “Nooo, don’t do that!” And then the subconscious mind says, “Go right ahead.” If your subconscious is winning the battle, Core Healing can take you off the battle field completely.

core healing vs past life regression vs beyond quantum healing hypnosis

What is the Process?

Core Healing is a commitment in terms of time and effort. The sessions are longer than a typical 45 minute psychotherapy session and generally run 1-2 hours for the assessment sessions and 2-3 hours for the hypnosis sessions. Although 2-3 hours may be scheduled, the client only pays for the time spent in half hour increments with a 1.5 hour minimum charge. Ex., If we only use 2.5 hours, the client would only pay for that amount of time.

For clients who are flying in or for the busy professional, “boot camp style” weekends are available and scheduled in 2-3 consecutive days.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel FRICKEN GREAT! My BELIEFS regarding eating and self-care have definitely changed, which are positively impacting my decisions. Also, the areas we addressed during my first core healing are absolutely strengthening (i.e, self love). I also have a new healthy mind set in place, which does not consist of extremes or self-loathing. AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ E.C.

How do I know I am done?

It depends on what you are working on. This is an intensive process and I cannot predict your history is or what may come up for you. Every client I have worked with has reported benefit from the first round of Core Healing (assessment, core healing hypnosis and follow-up). Many clients are done within 2-3 rounds of Core Healing hypnosis. Some clients feel finished in one round depending on what they are working on.

Some clients dealing with significant trauma or life events feel they need several rounds and/or individual sessions in between Core Healing hypnosis sessions to process what has come up under hypnosis.

Other clients want to target just one issue, such as their weight and eating, and space out the more intensive sessions between regular, weekly talk therapy and more regular hypnosis.

When you have checked off all of the negative beliefs and self-concepts that you wanted to target, you are done.

How to Schedule

If you would like to discuss whether this technique is appropriate for you, please schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation. I’ll also email a pdf that give the information here as well as lays out a typical path of scheduling sessions and the cost before the phone consultation.

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Learn More

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