Three ways to Break up with your Therapist


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Three ways to Break up with your Therapist

Three ways to Break up with your Therapist

My daughter did some editing in my videos recently and she has some great suggestions for struggles that people deal with therapists. This is like a therapist kind of series.

How to deal with therapists? So, I think this will be fun. We’re going to start with how to break up with your therapist

1. So a common way to break up with your therapist is you just simply ghost them, right. When people do this, I actually don’t take it personally anymore. Sometimes I did at the beginning of being a therapist, but not after a couple of years.  So you just don’t respond to their emails, to their calls. That’s it.

Therapists are not allowed to stalk you, it’s in our ethical guidelines so we’re not allowed to check on you randomly six months later or a year later or something like that, okay? We’re not allowed to like incessantly call you or email you all. We can check on you a couple of times, once, twice maybe three times.

If we don’t hear from you but then that’s it. Okay. so something to know

2. Say you can’t afford it anymore, sometimes this is a legitimate reason that it’s not affordable to someone anymore. Your circumstances change or something like that but that’s another way to break up with your therapist.

3. Say that you feel done. You feel better, you feel like you’re done for now. You can either say, “I want to take a break for a while and check back in” or “I just feel done and I’ll call you when I’m ready to start again” So that’s a third way.

Now, I always ask my clients: “Do you want me to check on you or do you want to contact me? We can’t check on you if you give us permission okay but if the client says “No, I’ll contact you” then that’s it. All right, that’s it. It’s done.

So it’s something to know three different ways to break up with your therapist and all of them are legitimate okay.

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