Journaling Step 2, the step most people forget about


Today’s tip is about journaling, it’s step two of journaling.

Now, there’s so much research on how good journaling is for you. Some people are journalers, some people are not.

People who are not journalers are not going to be watching. This is for you who do like to journal: I have a step two for you.

Journaling Step 2, the step most people forget about PIN 1

Now, you don’t have to do this all the time but if you’re really struggling with something then what I suggest doing is doing your journaling, then when you reach the end where you feel like everything is out, go back and look at

  • What are the thoughts that I can change here?
  • What are the thoughts that are bringing me down?
  • What can I think that feels better for me, that feels like it’s a movement towards feeling better for me?


So for example if it’s like “I hate my job! I hate it so much. I can’t stand my boss blah blah blah” all this stuff right then, you would write all that stuff down without hesitating but then when you get to the end; you can say

  • “Okay, what thought do I need to change here?
  • I chose this job (if you did),
  • I’m choosing to stay at this job or,
  • I can choose to look for a new job,
  • I can choose to find ways to feel better while I’m at this job,
  • I can choose to find pleasant things in my life.

You know a lot of feeling good and staying out of depression, staying out of anxiety is actually planning for pleasant events, increasing pleasant events and that’s not always like at the difficult place, at the workplace, at the job. It’s often outside of that and I am filming this in the time of Covid, so sometimes this is more difficult to do.

Most of us can’t just make plans and go out frivolously.  We have to be more thoughtful about that so that we stay safe but regardless of that, it’s really important to plan for some positive things in your life. Things that you know will make you feel good.

So that’s my step two. You write it all out and then go back and look at areas I can change. Things I can think about that feel better, thoughts that feel better, and see if that helps you, in general, feel better.

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