Millions of people watch videos telling them to feel better about themselves. The videos often go something like this . . . “You NEED to feel better about yourself! I was talking to a friend and she said everything would turn around for me if I JUST felt better about myself.” Then there’s dramatic music and crowds clapping and suddenly the person’s life turns around. Those videos leave the middle and, in my opinion, the more important part out . . .

HOW to feel better about yourself.

I can’t claim a million views (haha), but I can claim to give you solid information and support about HOW to feel better about yourself in the video below.

Here’s the skinny if you prefer reading to videos.

Feeling good is not all about shifting your thoughts. It’s about action. You have to actually do things that help you feel like you’re a good person!

Let’s say that you want to feel like an honest person. Then you actually have to BE honest, even when it’s hard. This doesn’t mean that you run around telling people they should give up their skinny jeans. It means that when a difficult situation occurs, then you have to pony up, swallow your ego, put your own agenda aside, let go of fear, and be honest about your part in it or what happened.

An easier example is if you tell a small lie for no good reason. You correct it as soon as possible whether you told it to a stranger or a friend.

How to feel better about yourself

Another example

If you want to feel like a good friend and that’s part of feeling good about yourself, then identify what being a good friend means to you. What does a good friend do and say and how do they act? Do they send little surprise gifts or are they available to talk (within reasonable limits)? Do they celebrate birthdays or reach out regularly? Do they spend time together or travel to see each other if they can? Define that for yourself and then do some of the things on the list.

And since you asked . . . yes, you can use the same process with your romantic relationship too. That’s an exercise we often do in Couples Therapy.

Give it a try! If you do the actions and nothing is changing about how your feel about yourself or if you find you just CAN’T do the actions for some reason, then it’s time to look deeper. Consider either traditional talk therapy or Core Healing.

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