Heal your Relationship with Hypnosis

Couples Counseling and hypnosis fort lauderdaleUnfortunately, I can’t hypnotize your partner to pick up their socks! If I could, I would have a waiting list a mile long! What I can do . . . 

One of the biggest questions that couples struggle with is “Should I continue to be with this person?”

There are three ways to answer this question:

  1.  Through hypnosis, we can discover whether there is a spiritual reason that you are with this particular person and what your purpose with them is . . .  if there is one.
  2. Through Core Healing Hypnosis, each person in the couple can heal on a deep level and then relate to each other without their wounds running the show. After Core Healing Hypnosis, couples usually feel a deep sense of connection and purpose in their relationship.
  3. If you’re looking for more Traditional Couples Therapy where you meet for once a week and learn new ways to connect, relate, and change which results in improving your relationship and sex life, please see my Couples Counseling page.

Other than our parents, our partners in life are one of the biggest influences on our growth, development as a person, and happiness.

“You’re gifted at what you do. We were on the brink of ending the relationship and I thought I would have to fly back to my home state, defeated and depressed. You helped us transform our relationship into something we both love and can’t live without. I cannot thank you enough.”- A.S.

An acquaintance once asked me if I thought that Couples therapy can hurt rather than help. She was concerned about going in and “just fighting the whole time.” I told her, “Yes, I did think it could hurt.” If the therapy is not structured for change, if it does not require that the couple begin to relate differently in session, then they can walk out feeling like they could have had that fight at home . . . why pay someone to be there with them? Even when I do traditional couples therapy, we don’t do the “fight of the week.” But . . .

Couples Counseling hypnosis fort lauderdale

Hypnosis isn’t your typical Couples Therapy or Counseling.

Having extensive training in couples therapy for over 20 years, I began combining my knowledge of regular couples therapy with hypnosis to help couples heal. You don’t come in and rehash the fight of the week (or month). You don’t practice date nights and practice ways to speak respectfully while one of you rolls your eyes the whole time. And you don’t do hypnosis together at the same time. You each do your own sessions.

With deeper healing, you are then able to talk to your partner in a new way, with a sense of your own worth and value, and respecting their worth and value also. You’re able to release anxiety and depression and relate to each other with love and compassion.

What if my partner won’t come to Couples Counseling?

This is one of the top questions I get for traditional couples therapy. With hypnosis and the change it creates, your partner does not have to come to therapy. When you change, they’ll change as well. Once they see the changes in you, they may want to come in for their own healing. But even if they don’t, you’ll be able to more easily see the relationship patterns and get a clear answer about how you want to move forward. That may mean leaving; that may not . . .

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Due to my training in both Gottman Couples Therapy and with the Couples Institute in the Developmental Model, I believe that relationships go through stages. If couples can navigate these stages together, then their chances for staying together and happiness increase significantly. But it takes growth of each individual to navigate those changes!

Dr. Liz - Hypnosis for IBS

If you’re blaming your partner, saying, “It’s all them. They need to change!” you’re at the right place. Let’s look at that deeper, take responsibility for your own healing and change, and move forward with hypnosis into a different mindset, creating a different relationship that’s more satisfying and happier.

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Yours in relationship happiness!
Dr. Liz

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Warning Signs of a Relationship in Trouble

  • Ridicule
  • Eye Rolling
  • Name calling
  • Hurtful comments
  • Sarcasm that is hurtful.
  • No sex or happens infrequently.
  • No or very little attraction.
  • None or very little affection.
  • Either partner avoiding phone calls or emails.
  • Refusing to discuss things in the relationship.
  • Not wanting to talk to you, cutting conversations off.
  • Defensiveness – not being able to talk about most things without one or both of you becoming defensive about it.
  • Constantly working, to the point where you never talk or spend time together.
  • Criticism – being truly critical of your partner. Criticism is sometimes disguised as helpfulness or “honesty.” It feels good when your partner is truly trying to help you. Criticism makes you feel defeated, like something is wrong with you.