Time Change Tip especially for HSPs

Time change tip especially for HSP – highly sensitive people!


Hi everyone, Dr. Liz here. When we’re talking about a time change, which a lot of the world does, then give yourself about a week to adjust to that time change.

People want it to happen very very quickly and, really, our bodies need about a week to adjust when we’re adjusting a bedtime. We usually adjust it by about 15 minutes every couple of days. So, think of that when we’re actually moving a whole hour.

If we do 15 minutes every two days that’s really like a week, so just have patience with yourself. Give yourself time. If you’re highly sensitive, that may take you even a little bit more time.


So, highly sensitive people, autistic people tend to react to changes in the times that when they shift the times a little bit more than someone who’s not someone who’s more neurotypical so keep that in mind as well.

It may take you more like a week and a half or so or you may feel a little more miserable than other people seem to feel with the time change. So just keep that in mind.

                                                       Time change tip especially for HSP - highly sensitive people!  Time change tip especially for HSP - highly sensitive people!

All right that’s my sleep tip for today!

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