How to Schedule HEALTHY Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs and Busy Professionals

Work-Life Balance is HARD, particularly when you’re running a business and you’re an entrepreneur with kiddos in the house. Scheduling small chunks of time to attend to your family or your personal life will help everyone feel more attended to and will decrease anxiety.


Today’s topic is Work-Life Balance.

I work with very successful women who have a really difficult time sometimes creating work-life balance. Work takes over everything. I, at one point, was running two companies and I know this feeling. I know the feeling of not ever being “off.” You’re always on, a call can come in at any time. You feel like you have to take it. I totally get it. Or work is so demanding that you literally have no lunch. We’re not even talking 10 minutes for lunch. You’re just sort of eating through lunch while you’re working, that type of feeling.

What I recommend for women is that they create 10-minute chunks of time and then extend that to 15, and then try to extend that to an hour sometimes. Let’s say you’re home in the evening and you’re trying to relax and everything is right here in your mind, going going going. So you say, “You know what. It’s okay if I take an hour to myself.” or 30 minutes if an hour feels too long. I’m putting the phone in another room and I am just going to sit and eat a meal and pay attention to that or just relax and watch a show. It’s okay to have time for yourself.

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This varies for moms. I’m talking about someone who probably doesn’t have small kids in the house. That’s a nightmare. Been there, done that. Still doing that, not little kids but older kids.

That, again, I recommend that you really do need to create hour chunks of time if you have children at home and you
feel like you’re working all the time. The phone goes away for an hour. The email goes away for an hour. The laptop is put away. It’s not on the family dinner table and you’re not like doing your stuff here while everyone’s eating dinner. That’s really important in terms of creating a feeling in your children that they’re important too. And I totally get it. Work can feel like it takes over. Creating these chunks of time will help you where you can pay attention to your loved ones, your partner, your children, and your pets sometimes, right?

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The dog needs a walk or petting or the cat needs a little attention. Even to your pets then those become really important for not feeling like you’re not always on 100% of the time which creates headaches, tension, all kinds of stuff.

Alright. That’s my tip for today. Let me know how it works out for you.

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