Listen in as I explore the profound connection between hypnosis and spirituality, a topic that many of you have been curious about. I shed light on three distinct hypnotherapy techniques aimed at spiritual awakening and healing and how these hypnotic journeys can sometimes take us to unexpected realms and timelines.

  • Core Healing and its power to unravel beliefs that are holding us back
  • Past life regression and its surprising revelations about our present connections
  • Beyond Quantum Healing and its ability to answer questions about the future

Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or simply looking to understand more about yourself, this conversation offers a glimpse into the transformative potential of hypnosis.


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Hi everyone. Dr Liz here, welcome to the Hypnotize Me podcast. I’m glad you’re here, glad you’re listening and learning, and hopefully it will help you with your journey along the way. I am a psychotherapist with a specialty in anxiety, insomnia and deeper emotional healing. Hypnosis is one of the tools in my toolbox that I use to help people feel better and help people be better. I do work all over the world. Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you would like some help.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life, built an award-winning company, sold it and then focused mainly on my private practice. That gives you a unique perspective, especially my ability to work with people in business at all kinds of levels. Before I go, if you’d like to support the podcast, you can go and subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get free hypnosis downloads that you can listen to immediately. Another way is to buy one of the downloads that I have for sale I only have a couple up there, but they’re good ones, they’ve stood the test of time or if you’d like to join my Patreon. That’s an additional way to support the podcast. I made the decision to not run ads during my podcast because I really do see it as an active service. I completely respect people who do have ads on their podcast, but it’s just not my path. But a great way to show your own support for it is to join the Patreon. So if you’re interested, pop on over there and check it out.

All right, everyone enjoy the episode and I hope to see you back here soon. Hi everyone, dr Liz here, I hope you’re doing well this week. It’s a pretty good week here. I’m recording this in March of 2024 and it’s already hot in South Florida. I know other places are having snowstorms. Lots of people actually prefer the cold instead of the heat, but we’re definitely in the throes of like beautiful weather and heat now. Actually, the beautiful weather has pretty much passed. It’s pretty much just heat now, but we do get some cooler nights. On the survey that I ran in January of 2024, there’s a room for comments and people will often put what they want to hear about on the podcast coming up. So I like to do episodes so that they get some questions answered Based on that survey. I figure if they took the time to do that for me, I can take the time to do this for them.

Several people asked about spirituality and hypnosis and they weren’t actually very specific when they put the comment, but it was more than one person, it was several that wanted to hear about spirituality and hypnosis. Or we could say hypnosis for spirituality. I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s more like hypnosis for spiritual purposes. There we go. Hypnosis for spiritual purposes.

Now I do three different types of hypnosis for spiritual purposes. In some sense you could say any hypnosis, or therapy for that matter, has some spiritual purpose to it, because it’s for the betterment of yourself, to feel more connected with yourself, with others and, let’s say, spiritually as well. That’s not everyone’s goal and I can understand that. I was an atheist for 20 years or so before I really found a sense of spirituality for myself, but for many people that is part of the point of therapy and hypnosis. But then there’s also some specific techniques that we can use in hypnosis and I think that’s probably what people were referring to. So again, there’s three different types.

Core Healing

One is core healing, which I have some other episodes about core healing on the podcast that you can look up. Core healing is what we call in hypnosis a regressive technique, meaning we’re going back in time. We’re going back in time to see where some beliefs that are not serving you developed. Often that is early childhood, sometimes it’s teenagehood or middle school years. Sometimes we go back even further, though than early childhood. We go in utero in. People have spontaneously jumped back even further in time to a past life or spiritual place, and when that began to happen in my practice is when I went and sought out some training, like Whoa, I need to be able to know what to do here and, to tell you the truth, it’s always fun from my perspective. Okay, it is like wow, yeah, let’s discover what’s going on here. It’s interesting Not just to the client but to me. So core healing one way to do that.

Past Life Regression

Looking at early childhood beliefs, sometimes we go back to past lives. Past life regression is another way to do that. So that is our intended purpose, and I have had people come in for that. They’re seeking guidance from the past. Is something from the past life holding them back? Is it related to what’s going on right now? Now, sometimes they may spontaneously go to other spiritual places or, let’s say, other timelines. That can happen in a past life. But really the questions are asked to understand something better so that again you can heal that and progress in your current life. So there’s that, and that one’s always an interesting process.

I’ve had people look at whether their current partner was a partner in a past life, whether they had children in past lives. Often the people coming in for that relates to family members, and far before I was trained in hypnosis, I did a past life regression to answer some questions about a person I was dating at the time. I got a lot of answers about a lot of other stuff too, but I did get an answer around that that I had known him in a past life. Now, during that past life regression, I also went to some other planet is really interesting and I went to a timeline in like Ireland hundreds of years ago. One of my friends was there and I don’t remember if I was her daughter or she was my daughter in that past life. So even though my primary question was about this one relationship, I actually ended up jumping into several different past lives. That gave me some insight into my current circumstances. At the time I thought it was a very interesting process, having not been trained in hypnosis at all, and then later, when I did get training in hypnosis, I realized some of the things that the therapist was doing to move me through some lives so that I could get some information. So it’s really interesting to look back and know more about that process.

Beyond Quantum Healing

Now the third technique that I am trained in is beyond quantum healing BQH. Now, many of you listening to this will be familiar with Dolores Cannon, who’s written many, many books, and she calls her technique quantum healing hypnosis technique. Qht has trademarked by her or copyrighted one of the two. I think it’s copyrighted a little R, I think trademark is the TM in BQH beyond quantum healing developed out of QHT. Her perspective is that you cannot do it online, you have to be in person and beyond quantum healing. The person who really got that movement off the ground didn’t believe that. She said no, you can do this online with somebody. This was far before the pandemic, by the way. So that’s why it’s called BQH.

Bqh also does not call itself a hypnosis technique. They say you don’t really have to be trained in hypnosis to do it. But having gone through the training myself and the certification, I think being trained in hypnosis absolutely helps you do the technique. Now I’m going to talk a little bit more about this one. I am part of a Facebook women in hypnosis group. It’s a lovely group and sometimes they’ll do exchanges in there so you can just exchange with another hypnotherapist something you want to work on.

And the woman that I ended up with did BQH beyond quantum healing and I said fantastic, let’s do it. Like I was having some spiritual questions. At the time I had thought about scheduling with another practitioner that I know actually, so when this arose I was like perfect, what you’re doing is you’re seeking guidance from your higher self or spiritual advisors slash team. So there’s a theory that we have this spiritual team that’s looking out for us and that it’s in the life between life place. So life between life place is a place where you go to review your life after you leave this body. You choose your future lives, and this is all based on some work from Michael Newton, who was a very well known hypnotic therapist, who started doing past life regressions and then quickly discovered that people were going to the spiritual place between lives where they would do this kind of work reviewing and communing with their spiritual advisors and choosing lives, with people going forward doing the spiritual work before they would move into a new life. So I was already familiar with this theory from reading several of his books and being interested in past life regression. So when this came up I was like fantastic, let’s do it. And it was so impactful , I will tell you that it was not in person it was so impactful for me that I decided then to get trained in it.

Hey, there was a point in the hypnosis where I was outright sobbing at something that had been revealed to me. I saw several lives, I saw a couple of different paths and then I personally went to the in between life place, the spiritual place, which I had never been before, even having done several spiritual kind of techniques, and that was a really, really interesting process for me, very comforting. So at the time I had some questions about health. It gave me some answers around that. I had some questions around where I was living gave me some answers around that had some questions about my current husband, my partner. It gave me some answers about that. I found it an extremely powerful technique. Then I got trained in it and began to do it and really love doing this.

Now, not everyone gets answers, so I’m going to say that up front here that I have worked with a couple of cases with past life or beyond quantum healing, where not a whole lot came up, happens a little bit less with core healing, because people tend to have, tend to have, some recall of their childhood that’s relevant to what they’re coming in for, but not necessarily so with past life regression or beyond quantum healing, and what we say to that from a spiritual perspective is that sometimes we’re not meant to know, and you can ask that as the guide in that session I consider myself a guide in the session of is this person not meant to know the answer to this question?

Sample Questions

So let’s look at some sample questions comparing that three techniques to give you more examples of this. We started with core healing. I talked about past life regression and then beyond quantum healing, so we’re going to do that in that order. So, core healing, some sample questions regarding a partner why am I with someone who treats me poorly? Why do I feel I’m not worthy of love? So those are sometimes some core beliefs going on that developed in childhood. Sometimes they’re from a past life. Why do I always sabotage myself? Why do I not have more self respect? So we’re asking some of these why? Questions of where did these beliefs that I don’t deserve to respect myself came from.

Let’s jump to a past life regression sample questions. Why am I with this person? Were we connected in a past life? What happened between us in a past life? Or sometimes, why have I felt hopeless? Most of my life might not meant to be happy. Those would be some past life regression type of questions.

Now let’s jump to beyond quantum healing In regarding a partner. Is this the right person to be with? Will we be happy together? So you’re looking future or you could do past, okay, so BQH is sometimes more future oriented. I see it in my mind, then past oriented regarding life, what is my life’s purpose? That’s a very common one that people want to know. Under hypnosis they can access that life purpose. Then they feel like they have a guide along the way in their life. My life purpose was actually revealed when I did a core healing hypnosis with my mentor of life purpose and that was very clear to help heal people in this life. But for others it’s revealed in a Beyond Quantum healing session.

How can I heal a specific issue? How can I hear or see my guides more clearly? Those are some sample questions that people come up with. For me, I had asked about headaches. I had this chronic headache disorder which is like a daily headache. They just want to go away, and so part of my question was how to heal that, and I got an answer regarding meditation. I need to get serious about meditation. I’ve meditated for 25 plus years and some days are more serious than others. So that came up Okay. But you can ask about physical health, emotional health, specific relationships, mysteries, sometimes cosmic questions, purpose for being here on earth at this time.

I have some sample questions listed on my website. If you just do the search box to input bqh, those will pop up, or you can just Google it as well. There’s plenty of websites with tons of questions that you could ask, but most people have a good idea of what to ask. They’re not just coming into a bqh session or a past life regression section or core healing with no questions like let’s just show up and see what happens, like no, it’s your time and your money that you’re spending, and so we would have a good idea of questions. I often help people refine the questions, particularly with core healing. That’s a process where we’re refining it.

Occasionally someone will call me and they’re asking a very self blaming question, and I often will work with them around. Let’s take the self blame off, let’s move into curiosity and less judgment and less guilt about yourself, so that it opens up the possibilities for us. So, in the same vein, if we want to talk about past life regression and a similar question, instead of people say like am I, am I creating these headaches, let’s just use that as an example. And again, that’s a very self blaming question. I think our bodies try to protect us as much as they can. So I do not assume that someone’s creating any kind of physical condition they have. Instead, it’s like what’s going on here? Like why is my body generating this? Is there something I can do to heal this? Is there something I can do to help this? What is this? Something from a past life that’s affecting me? That would be a past life regression kind of question. So you can see there’s overlap here. Definitely between past life regression and beyond quantum healing there’s often overlap. Core healing is definitely more present, focused, present life focused. So those are the techniques that I’m trained in.

You can find all kinds of practitioners trained in different techniques. I really believe you find the practitioner that you need at the time and I would encourage you, if you’re reaching out to someone, to pay attention to your own intuition and see if you feel connected with them and that they could be helpful to you. Because you’re entering into a very vulnerable state when you’re in hypnosis, and particularly this type of hypnosis because you are going deeper than, let’s say, the type where you’re just simply listening, like I have a whole hypnosis for migraine protocol actually isn’t effective for new daily persistent headache, but it’s effective for migraines and chronic tension headaches. That’s the type you’re really just listening to. You don’t have to answer questions, you’re not giving impressions, you’re not getting answers to anything. You’re really working on the nervous system in your body to help it find soothing and calming. And there’s migraines. There’s quite a complex process going on. So the hypnosis addresses some of those processes, but it’s not asking you to do anything. It’s really just asking your body to do something.

Versus this type of hypnosis, you are a more active participant and so we also are taking you much deeper so that you can access those guides, that higher self, that spiritual sense of yourself, to not just get some answers but to create some healing. So all three of these include healing in them, the way that I do them at least, like we’re here to to not just get answers, we are here to heal as well, and that’s a that’s a general statement that I’m making. Like I am not going to help you regrow an arm, okay, um, can I do that? Nor can yoga. Okay, sometimes I see hypnosis is very similar to yoga, like, oh, we can fix that with yoga, pretty much any physical problem, right, you’ll get those yoga teachers that say that, um, sometimes you’ll get that with hypnosis, but no, hypnosis can’t heal everything.

There’s lots of studies about what it is helpful for, but we can’t heal everything. But we can instill a sense of respect and self-esteem and that type of healing and cleansing process for your body, no matter what type of hypnosis we’re doing. So it is almost always present when occasionally someone will stop that part. They don’t want that part. Sometimes it’s because they’re agitated, they can’t calm down, they’re anxious, something like that in that becomes also a therapeutic issue of let’s take a breath here so that you can accept healing and what is stopping you from accepting healing.

I hope that gives you a better idea about hypnosis for spiritual exploration or healing and I hope that you are healthy and safe and have a wonderful week, peace. I hope you truly enjoyed today’s episode. Remember that you can get free hypnosis downloads over at my website, drlizhypnosiscom. I work all over the world doing hypnosis, so if you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website and we’ll see what your goals are and if I can be of service to you in helping you reach them. Finally, if you liked today’s episode, please subscribe to the podcast or tell a friend that way, more and more people learn about the power of hypnosis. All right, everyone, have a wonderful week, peace. This podcast is not mental health treatment, nor should it replace mental health treatment. If you need therapy or hypnotherapy, please seek treatment from a trained professional.

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