Spiritual Hypnosis – Past Lives and Between Lives with Dr Liz


Hi, Dr. Liz here. I haven’t done a video for my channel for a while. So I thought I would do one today. I had someone call up and ask why I didn’t have any videos on the spiritual side of hypnosis. Now, what I thought was interesting about this question is that he had looked through all my videos. Like there’s a lot of them, there’s like, well, over a hundred. The other part though, was that he was right. I don’t typically do videos or have a lot of information on my website about the spiritual side of hypnosis, meaning past life regression or life between lives. That’s a concept where people go to the spiritual place before they choose a new life and who they’re going to interact with that comes from Dr. Michael Newton. If you want to check out some of his books, they are fascinating.

And the reason I don’t have that on my website is because, I just don’t do a lot of it. Now that’s a chicken or an egg problem, right? Like if I had it on there, I’d probably do more of it. It has happened in my office where people go back to a past life or spiritual place, but typically they don’t come in with that goal. They come in more to do inner healing, like deeper healing, resolve trauma, or resolve a question that’s going on in their life. And that’s the technique that I call core healing. It really is just a certain type of hypnosis where we’re going back and finding answers to those subconscious beliefs that seem to control your life. You know, that contrast that happens when you’re like, okay, my conscious mind says do this. Like, let’s say a hard one that people struggle with is to block an ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend- don’t have contact with them, but my subconscious mind suddenly unblocks them and is talking to them again.

Right? And it’s like, ah, all my friends are saying stop. That’s a very easy example of a conflict between the conscious mind who knows this is what’s good for me. This is what I need to do to move forward in my life. And the subconscious mind who makes a completely different choice. So typically we’re working on, let’s say something like that, like let’s go back and find these beliefs that are driving this behavior. And occasionally someone would go back to a spiritual place, a past life or life between lives or some kind of spiritual information that arises. It’s fascinating when it happens. It is a lovely, lovely process. I feel incredibly honored to be part of it. So there’s all that good stuff that happens, but I thought I’d let you know. Yes, I do do that type sometimes. Um, not often, but sometimes, depending on what’s going on and I tend to do that stuff in person.

Now, I know this video’s coming out during the pandemic. I’m doing a lot of online work, but my own comfort level is that that kind of work happens more in person rather than online. Um, but I know other therapists do one hundred percent online. They’re comfortable with it. So, um, so find someone who fits you for that. All right. All right. There’s all kinds of good information over at my website, Dr. Liz hypnosis.com is probably down there, right. Or you can subscribe to my channel, I would love that. You can get free hypnosis that will help you in your life, decreased fear and anxiety, increased emotional stability. Go check them out. Right. Decreased stress. There’s one for that. So go check them out, join the newsletter and get these free hypnosis files. All right. Have a wonderful day.

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