I never thought I’d find myself entranced by the stories of a Vegas hypnotist, yet here we are. Dom’s odyssey from insurance to hypnotherapy is not just a career change; it’s a testimony to the untapped potential within us all. Our latest episode invites you into the world of hypnosis, where the mind’s power is not just a catchphrase, but a tangible force that shapes our physical and professional lives.

From healing injuries to boosting athletic prowess, we explore the real-life impacts of subconscious beliefs and how they can both hinder and enhance our reality. Imagine, if you will, a hypnotic recording not only increasing business volume by 50% but also stirring strange audio perceptions, hinting at deeper subconscious challenges. Dom tells all in this entertaining interview!

About Dominique Bertoncini

Dom left his soul crushing job selling insurance to become a professional hypnotist and follow his calling helping people clear subconscious blocks and create an abundant life.

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0:00:00 Dr. Liz

Hi everyone. Dr Liz here, welcome to the Hypnotize Me podcast. I’m glad you’re here, glad you’re listening and learning, and hopefully it will help you with your journey along the way.

I am a psychotherapist with a specialty in anxiety, insomnia and deeper emotional healing Hypnosis is one of the tools in my toolbox that I use to help people feel better and help people be better. I do work all over the world.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you would like some help. I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life, built an award-winning company, sold it and then focused mainly on my private practice. That gives you a unique perspective, especially my ability to work with people in business at all kinds of levels.

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Enjoy the episode and I hope to see you back here soon.

0:01:57 Dr. Liz

Hey everyone. Dr Liz here, I hope you’re doing well. Our interview today is with Dom the hypnotist, who’s based out of Las Vegas but works all over the US and the world doing hypnosis for people who wouldn’t help. He is quite the storyteller, so I think you’re really going to enjoy the interview. He tells about how he got started and how hypnosis changed his life, and gives plenty of stories about some of the work he has done with people and how it’s helped their life. So I hope you enjoy the interview. Let’s jump in.

Hi Dom, welcome to the Hypnotize Me podcast.

0:02:40 Dom

Hey Liz, Thanks for having me.

0:02:42 Dr. Liz

Absolutely  Let’s start off with your first experience of hypnosis yourself.

0:02:48 Dom

Yeah, so I, like many people, I used to think hypnosis was fake and you know, I’d watch videos of guys going to people on the street and going to sleep right and then thinking, oh, these are actors or whatever. Or I’d watch a stage show and just think, wow, you know everybody in high school. They eventually everybody goes through a where they have a hypnotist. Come to the high school. I actually didn’t. I wasn’t there on that day, so I never got to see that.

Okay, my first hypnosis experience was when I first moved to Vegas. My fiance and I went to a hypnosis show and you know, we’re sitting there in the crowd and the guy brings up like 40 people on stage and then kind of tests everybody and then there’s only eight, nine, 10 people left over and I’m sitting 30, 40, 50 feet away and I’m looking at these people and I’m going, oh, they’re not paid actors, they’re really under some type of like spell or trance or I, you know, I don’t know. I was like is this dark magic? What is what’s going on here? So that was my first experience with hypnosis.

And then, maybe two years after that, my mother called me one day and she goes oh, my God, you got to go to this course. They teach you NLP and then they teach you hypnosis. And I was like, really, she was, yeah, you could learn in like two days. I’m like, no way. I thought I thought it would take months or years to learn hypnosis, right, right. So it was like a $3,500 course, which is a lot of money for me at the time. So I was like no, I don’t want to go. Well, she ended up, surprising me with me, surprising me with a Christmas gift to go to an introductory course, like a two and a half day weekend course to do hypnosis.

0:04:29 Dr. Liz

What were you doing at the time?

0:04:31 Dom

I was selling insurance, hating my life ready to just blow my brain out, got it. I did insurance for about 12 years. There was some stuff I did in between there from 18 years old, basically to about 30.

And yeah, the last few years I was just, I hated my life. I just wanted to be out of it. So bad. But I just didn’t know what the thing was. I was like I know there’s something better and more out there for me. I just don’t know what it is. And then, yeah, my mom got me this hypnosis course and I had zero expectation. I was going to do this for a living. I just went because she got it for me for free and I thought, oh, I’ll be cool to learn some stuff or whatever. And I went to the two and a half day course and it changed me so much as in that short week that on that Monday I decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I was like this is it. This is the thing I’ve been thinking about in the car when I would drive around hating my life. And I finally found it. And long story short, I initially made the goal of six months. I wanted to transition over to doing hypnotherapy full time. I didn’t even care to make the same amount of money, I was just happy if I make like three, four thousand dollars a month and just pay my bills and I was cool with that.

0:05:44 Dr. Liz


0:05:45 Dom

And I ended up working with about over 100 people within two weeks for free, just practicing, you know, practicing rapid induction and all these different things. And two weeks of the day I woke up I had 10 appointments to go sell insurance and my body just would not go. My body is like no man. We’re done. So I called my assistant and I said hey, tell everybody I’m not coming in today. And I said that’s it. I’m never selling another insurance policy ever again in my life.

And so here we are now, four years later. There’s 17 other people on my team. We got a team of hypnotherapists. And so it’s been great.

0:06:21 Dr. Liz

Wow, wow. So you have, like you, run a group practice and essentially 17. Yeah, yeah so it’s in Las Vegas or no, everything’s virtual.

0:06:33 Dom

So we have I have a team of people that do the initial consultation and they’re hypnotherapists as well. They’re not as trained as the hypnotherapists that actually do the work, so you know they’re busy with 30, 35 appointments a day. See me a day a week. So the hypnotherapists that actually do the change work with people. So we bring them in and basically we do a diagnostic diagnosis. We’re not cars, right, we’re people.

So, diagnosis on what’s going on, and then we kind of tailor a plan based off that to you know, set them up with a hypnotherapist, so in everybody’s virtual you know it’s got people all over the United States. So actually we have one person, in Canada too.

0:07:16 Dr. Liz

Oh, okay, Got it. Yeah, I see it as a real benefit that you can actually do hypnosis all over the US, all over the world. I do too. I mean, I’m also hold a license in the state of Florida, so if I was just doing psychotherapy can only work in Florida. But if I’m doing hypnosis I can work wherever, like all over the US. Like there’s a little state or something in Connecticut. I actually had to register or something like that.

But it’s a real advantage that you can do hypnosis wherever. Yeah, it’s actually a common question I get of is it as effective through Zoom or phone? And you know my answer is always yes. I’m sure you found the same thing. Yeah, yeah.

0:08:04 Dom

No, 100%. Actually, one of my people that worked for me, she booked some sessions with me. You know, the other day we jump on the phone and she starts talking and she’s telling me about her. We weren’t intending to do one of our sessions, but she was telling me about something she was going on in her life and I was like all right, close your eyes, take a deep breath. You know, we just went through the whole process and then by the end of it, we had a tremendous breakthrough on. You know she was self-sabotaging, you know her success and everything, and so, yeah, it doesn’t matter. I mean, I prefer to do Zoom. I don’t really, if somebody signs up to do sessions with me, I’m going to do it. You know, on Zoom, if I want to see them.

0:08:42 Dr. Liz


0:08:43 Dom

Yeah, you could do it phone, it doesn’t matter. You know, I hypnotize people on my Instagram, on my Instagram live. I can’t even see them, I can’t hear them, and I tell I’ll just walk them through certain steps on, depending on what it is. And yeah, so it’s effective either way.

0:08:58 Dr. Liz

Okay, so they’re just throwing a question out at you and you’re letting them know this is what I want to do.

0:09:02 Dom

Yeah, like yesterday I did a thing where I help people go to the root cause of like a limiting belief or negative emotion, and I just did it all on my live and they, they weren’t really asking questions. I was just like, hey guys, this is step one, let’s do it all together. Okay, boom, step two, boom. And then by the end of it, you know some people, they didn’t get to what they wanted because they don’t have, they need that one-on-one. But many of them were like, oh, I was able to find this memory and you know whatever. So it was good.

0:09:31 Dr. Liz

Cool, cool. So what’s your ID handle?

0:09:36 Dom

It’s domthehypnotist. Okay, and that’s YouTube. Everything’s just Dom the hypnotist.

0:09:42 Dr. Liz

Okay, great, that’ll be in the show now. It’s for people too. Make it easy for you to find Dom and even go back and and watch that if you like, and see if you can get to your own root cause around.

0:09:52 Dom

Yeah, yeah, exactly.

0:09:53 Dr. Liz

Yeah, yeah. So you work. I know you’ve worked a lot with professional athletes. Tell me about some of that work. How do they find you?

0:10:04 Dom

Yeah, so I do jujitsu not as much this past year because I’ve dealt with injuries and everything but one of the reasons I actually moved to Las Vegas because I wanted to do this specific type of jujitsu. It’s called no-gi jujitsu and where I lived at the time they didn’t have a school that I at least that I could find. So being at Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world. You have all a bunch of UFC fighters here and things like that. So I’ll train with these guys and you just get to know people over time. They find out what you’re doing, like, oh, I’ve always wanted to do that. So that’s kind of how I got with the UFC fighters. And then, with the NFL guys, I just started hitting people up on Instagram saying, hey, you know, have you ever thought about this or that? And I’ve worked with a bunch of those guys as well. Yeah, I’ve worked with a couple of Olympic athletes. Those came through referrals from other people. One was the first Olympic gold medalist for women’s wrestling. Her name’s.

0:10:55 Dr. Liz


0:10:56 Dom

Baroulas, this is a few years ago and now my primary focus is I work with mostly business owners and sales people and I still have clients that are you know, the UFC fighters and NFL players that are. We do consistent work because they got to be at their peak performance right.

0:11:14 Dr. Liz

So that’s centered around like peak performance. How do you move into that mind state? How do you like overcoming beliefs? Many of them still have limiting beliefs, even though they’re performing at a professional level.

0:11:28 Dom

Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t. Everybody has the same stuff, just that higher. It’s just a different level, and you know it’s interesting because you know everything that we go through in our life is no, nothing is done by accident, right, it’s? You ever heard the saying. Carl Jung was a guy that said it. He said there’s no such things as coincidence. If you stepped in a puddle, you better ponder why you stepped in that puddle. You heard?

0:11:53 Dr. Liz

that saying yes yeah.

0:11:56 Dom

I take that very literally and so a lot of times the clients, even the athletes, when they come to me they’re dealing with something in their personal life or there’s just chaos going on and it’s not really necessarily related to fighting.

And then we go into it and then we find out like I have more of my football clients he had this nagging back injury for like three years. I had no idea why, and so we went back into what was happening and what we discovered is that he entered the draft early and I think it was his last year or the uh, so you mean the last game, or the senior ball or the whatever bowl he was in and his he tweaked his back. Well, we went back into his memory. His subconscious mind was like hey, we, we messed up your back so that you wouldn’t get severely injured in the game and then have to be out of the draft. So it’s like a protection mechanism to make sure he got drafted because you know if you play your last game, you blow your ACL you’re, you’re you’re, you’re, you’re, yeah, you’re screwed.

So it wasn’t that he faked it, but in a way it’s like his body just created this injury. When he first came to me, he was like man, I got this nagging thing and I said you know, you can heal your back with your mind. And he’s like no, he’s, he’s all skeptical.

0:13:10 Dr. Liz

I said yeah, let’s do it.

0:13:11 Dom

And we went through and then, sure enough, he’s like, after you know, 10 minutes of whatever. He just is like what the hell? Oh, my God, you’re right. So yeah, it’s pretty fascinating what our mind is capable of.

0:13:23 Dr. Liz

It is, it is, and I do believe that, whatever is going on with us physically, it’s often our body trying to protect us from something Absolutely and often back, they say, especially lower back is like money, it’s related to money, which would fit to you if he’s like, wanting to get into the draft and like go to the. Nfl and yeah.

0:13:45 Dom

Speaking of money, I’ll tell you a fascinating story. We’re the same, gentlemen. This was the NFL season of 2021. I’d been working with him starting like a little bit before preseason and because we were doing the mental work and then he was doing all the physical work, about halfway through the season he finally got his first start. So you know, we get together on Wednesday and he’s like I’m super nervous. So if there’s anything that you can do, if there’s any tricks up your sleeve, anything we haven’t done yet, now’s the time to do it. So I said OK, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to record the plays of the other team, because when you’re playing in the NFL, you got to memorize the playbook of the next team coming up right.

0:14:28 Dr. Liz


0:14:29 Dom

And I said I’m going to put it on a hypnosis recording and I’m going to loop it throughout the night. So you’re going to listen to his 30 minute recording, you listen to it 16 times, You’re going to hear it hundreds of times with the plays, right, you know? And at the time I wasn’t even sure if it was going to work. I didn’t even really believe in sleep hypnosis back then because I hadn’t tried it and I just thought, like how is this going to help me if I’m sleeping? I don’t even know what it’s saying.

0:14:53 Dr. Liz

You know yeah.

0:14:55 Dom

So I had him listen to it Wednesday night, thursday night, friday night, saturday night and then Sunday he went out and played. Well, he messaged me after the game and he goes, dom, I have never been more in tune with what the other team was going to do and he said it’s like I knew what they were going to do before they did it. He was happy because, you know, he’s a new, it was his first start and all of a sudden he’s out there calling out the plays hey, this, you know he’s taken. He’s taken the leadership role. So I thought, ok, well, thank God it worked. Number one, number two OK, maybe there, maybe there is something that this whole sleep hypnosis thing.

0:15:30 Dr. Liz


0:15:31 Dom

So a few weeks went by, or maybe it was a few months, I don’t remember, but I thought I was like you know what, I’m going to find a sleep hypnosis around around creating abundance, right. So I found this video and I started listening to it and I was super skeptical if it was going to work or not. But it was. It was a YouTube video. It had millions of views and thousands of comments and all these comments were just like oh my God. I started listening to this for a couple of days and I made 10 grand, or I made two grand or 500, whatever small amounts, big amounts and at first I was thinking this is probably a bunch of bots that this guy paid for, you know whatever yeah.

But I, like I really went deep into it. I started looking at, like, people’s comments. I would look at their profile and they’d have 10, 20, 30, 1000 subscribers. They’d have a bunch of videos. I’m like, ok, these are not bots, these are real people.

0:16:24 Dr. Liz


0:16:25 Dom

So I started listening to this sleep. I figured you know what I got to lose. I’m going to be sleeping anyway, so I might as well.

0:16:32 Dr. Liz


0:16:33 Dom

So I started listening to it on a Tuesday and by Sunday we had our biggest week ever by about 50 percent increase.

0:16:39 Dr. Liz

Whoa, that’s a big increase.

0:16:41 Dom

That’s a big increase right In four days yeah. So now this was great. The problem was, though, is that, at the time, I didn’t have the 17 people on my team like I do. Now is literally the three of us and 50 percent more clients is great, but that also comes with 50 percent more work, right?

0:16:57 Dr. Liz

It does yeah.

0:16:58 Dom

So I stopped listening. It was too powerful. I stopped listening to it. I’m like, OK, I got to like catch back up.

0:17:03 Dr. Liz

We did a break.

0:17:04 Dom

Yeah, they got to take a break. So then I don’t know, a few months or weeks went by and I was I kept thinking about, like man, that was really powerful, but I don’t want to work that much. Like I can’t work that much, it’s too much. So I figured, well, you know what, I’m a hypnotist. I’ll just create my own sleep hypnosis and I’ll adjust the wording so it’s more around passive money and it’s not so like, yeah, large amounts of money, cool. But I also came in large amounts of work.

So let’s make it more passive.

0:17:32 Dr. Liz


0:17:32 Dom

So I create this recording, I put it on my YouTube, I put it on my Instagram and, within a couple of days, I was getting a ton of great feedback. Right, people deals were closing that had been sitting around for people for months. Their calendars were filling up with appointments, all this great stuff. But then other people were saying that they couldn’t understand the recording and it sounded distorted or like it was in a different language.

0:17:57 Dr. Liz

So yeah.

0:17:58 Dom

So I’m thinking, oh, maybe I messed something up on the back end, when I when I created you know, this is my first time doing it, it’s eight hours, right?

0:18:07 Dr. Liz

So so anyways it’s you know, so it loops.

0:18:10 Dom

Yeah, just it’s one affirmation and it loops. It loops for eight hours. Yeah, it just loops, it’s one sentence.

0:18:17 Dr. Liz

What’s the one sentence?

0:18:18 Dom

It’s. Large sums of passive money come to me easily and quickly from multiple sources on a consistent basis, and it’s in the best good of all. I can keep, save, invest or give the money away. Whatever I decide to do, I could do it happily.

So actually, it’s very similar to the, to the one that I listened to, but I made some adjustments because, again, I didn’t want it to just be a large amount of money with large amount of work.

0:18:44 Dr. Liz


0:18:45 Dom

So a few months later I had the idea like, hey, you know what? I’m going to start giving all my clients this sleep hypnosis as part of their homework when they sign up. Right, like we’re going to go through this process, here’s part of your deal. So same thing. I gave it to people and within a couple of days people were like, oh my God, money’s coming in. And I had one client text me and she goes Dom, I think I’m going crazy. And I said what’s going on? And she goes.

The first three or four days I could hear the recording perfectly fine. But now it sounds distorted, it sounds like it’s in a different language. So I said you know I’ve heard this before. Send me a screen recording, we’ll figure out. So she screen recorded it, send it to me, and you know I could hear it perfectly fine. About an hour goes by and she texts me. She’s like, oh my God, you’re not going to believe this. I said what? And she goes. I showed your recording to my partner. We’re in the same exact room listening to the same exact thing and she can hear it perfectly fine, but I can’t understand it.

It sounds like it’s in a different language. So I’m thinking like, what the hell is going on? What kind of sci-fi movie am I in right now? This is weird, yeah. So I said, okay, let’s talk about it on our next session.

So we goes by, we jump on a call, and you know, I got to see it for myself so I jump on Zoom, I share the screen, share the sound and hit the record or hit the play button and sure enough, I can hear it is clear as day. And she can’t understand a word. She can read the words on the screen, but it’s not processing auditorily. I just went with, intuitively, what I thought was going on and I figured, okay, she must have a lot of fear around, like, whatever this recording is, she must be blocked on it. So let’s figure out what it is. So we went through each little segment where I told you the affirmation. So we went through like large sums of passive money. Okay, why are you not letting me hear this Easily and quickly? Why are you not letting me know? And the whole thing. And we discovered she had a bunch of different fears. So like she was afraid that when she became successful, her friends and family would be jealous and envious of her.

She was afraid that when she became successful she wouldn’t be able to handle it like all at once, like a large amount. She was afraid she’d be successful, wouldn’t be happy, so all these things. So, one by one, we go through, we clear out each little fear and limiting belief and then 45 minutes later, oh, my hit play and she can hear it as clear as day Wow, wow. Now it gets even crazier. So I have a group that I do every Monday. There’s like 50 plus people that go and I share this with my group and I said, hey guys, this is what happened, blah, blah, blah. And a couple other people are like, yeah, this same thing with me. So I go through and same exact thing. Right, we cleared out.

Well then, the week later, the week after, I said hey guys, I’m going to show you how to create your own affirmation and put it on loop throughout the night so you can listen to it, kind of like the sleep hypnosis. So there’s this app, it’s called the parent app and basically you can download it and you just talk into it. You say an affirmation and you hit play and it’ll play until your phone dies. It’ll just loop over and over. So people created their own affirmations, their own words. I didn’t help them create it, you know anything. They decided what it was and within a few days after listening to it, people couldn’t hear their own. They could not understand their own words, their own voice, their own language, because they were blocked mentally from these things.

0:22:20 Dr. Liz

So it really I talk about this quite a bit in my practice. Actually, what’s?

0:22:27 Dom


0:22:27 Dr. Liz

Sometimes I’ll have people say things under hypnosis, but then I tell them but we’re going to check that out when we’re under hypnosis, whether you believe it 100%, because if you don’t believe it 100% you’re going to block it. So we’re going to work with this until it is believable to you. It is a stretch, but it’s believable, so we’re not taking someone from making zero to making a million a year. It’s not believable to them.

0:22:56 Dr. Liz

Right right.

0:22:56 Dr. Liz

We’re going to take you to an amount that’s believable that feels good, that feels comfortable. So yeah, and I think that’s often why affirmations don’t work, and then people are like oh, that doesn’t work. No, you have to do something that really resonates with you. It’s believable to you, the conscious and the subconscious mind. And or if you need to clear something, you clear it, yeah.

0:23:24 Dom

Yeah, we call it the sweet spot. So your sweet spot is like, on a scale one to 10, your belief that you will hit that is like an eight. So there’s a little bit of doubt, but it’s okay, because that doubt is what’s going to stretch you to get to that point, because if it’s a 10, that means it’s too easy, right? If it’s a 10, then you’re not stretching yourself, but if it’s too much, if it’s like a seven, six, five, four, three, two one it creates so much anxiety and it actually does the opposite effect you push it away from you.

So, yeah, we like to keep everything within that sweet spot that there’s a little hesitation, but for the most part it’s like I can do this. I just really got to dial in, you know.

0:24:05 Dr. Liz

Yeah, I think that’s also where, like something that is custom, shines.

0:24:11 Dom


0:24:11 Dr. Liz

It’s like yeah, this is custom to you, versus just pulling something off the internet that you’re like what’s going on here? I don’t really believe this, or something like that. I mean sometimes people can find stuff out there randomly that absolutely is going to work for them, they’re going to believe it. But if they find that they’re starting to have all kinds of doubts, it’s like that is when I recommend, like perhaps you work with someone individually to get something that’s more custom or to clear those beliefs that are holding you back.

0:24:41 Dom

Yeah, yeah, well. And then not only that, on top of that, if you just pull up a random video on YouTube, you don’t know what the other how like experience that I could just say, all right, I just got my certification three days ago. Now I’m going to put a video on YouTube and it’s going to be hypnosis, like they could be messing up the language. They could just be, you know, like implanting the wrong things in your head. There’s a lot that can go bad with that. I mean, it’s not like it’s permanent. You can always reverse it. But yeah, it’s definitely one on one is. There’s no comparison to like listening to a YouTube video because it’s not in your language, it’s not tailored to you, it’s not specific.

So, when you get that one on one, it’s worth it because you know, it’s just like anything like look, if I want to learn how to do Jiu-Jitsu, I could learn on YouTube, or I could go to the source of the guy and learn from him. Right, and he can tweak every little thing and it’s just going to be so much better, you know so that’s how I look at it.

0:25:43 Dr. Liz

Agreed. So once these, you created the personal information for them, and then you had this percentage that couldn’t understand it anymore. So then you worked with them to like clear what was going on in the group session.

0:25:58 Dom

No one on one Well one on one Okay.

And here’s what’s crazy. Like I had a client the other day. He makes like maybe close to 600,000 a year or something like that. He’s worth millions of dollars, you know whatever. And um, he couldn’t hear the recording either. Like I have a lot of clients that are multi-multi-millionaires and they’ll start listening to it and it distorts on them. And then we find out they believe like they don’t deserve it or everything has to be a struggle, it has to come like that easily and quickly. They’re like no, it has to be hard and you know, for it to be worth it and things like that. And so it’s not just like people that don’t have money, it’s everybody. And it’s crazy. I don’t know if I just call these people in, but it’s a very high percentage of people that can’t hear it.

It’s like it’s a lot it’s been hundreds of people now you know, so it’s very weird. I don’t know what it is.

0:26:48 Dr. Liz

I often work with like high net worth clients and they struggle just like anyone else and they actually have some struggles that other people don’t around, money Around absolutely deserving or some of the old beliefs and purpose meaning all kinds of stuff, and it’s I think the fantasy A lot of it’s a guilty year Guilt absolutely yes, that’s a big one right.

Yeah, it is Like the fantasy is that money is going to fix all of that for people, and that’s not really the truth of what happens, because we’re human beings.

0:27:29 Dom

I had a gentleman I went to dinner with the other night. I was with a friend and then, you know, we went to dinner with this guy. He owned the restaurant. He’s really successful, owns restaurants and all the most exotic places in the world, whatever.

And at some point in the conversation my buddy goes hey, man, let’s just start working out again. You know, remember when we worked out together we were super ripped and this and that. And he’s like dude, I just I can’t Like my body’s in pain all the time. And my buddy goes I think it’s because your body’s trying to tell you need to work out. And he goes no, man, I think my body’s trying to tell me something else. So for me that’s like a.

The alarm bells went off. I was like, oh shit, you know what’s going on. So I asked him. I said, hey, do you want to? You know, do you want to get rid of your pain? And he goes well, yeah, I kind of confused, like what are we about to do, you know?

So what we ended up discovering is that his entire family, his brother, his sister, his mom, his dad they all had some type of autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, whatever, some issues, and he didn’t have any problems. And not only did he not have any problems, he was wildly successful financially. And they weren’t. Everybody in his family was just kind of poor. So subconsciously he believed that he deserved to be in pain because it was his way of staying connected to his family, because he thought if he was super successful financially and his health was perfect, he can’t connect with them. So to be able to stay connected and still feel that love he’s like I got to feel the pain too right. So in the matter of 10, 15 minutes we went through and cleared it out and his pain went from an eight all the way down to a two.

And the only reason he didn’t go to zero is because you know it was like 1130 at night by this time.

And I was like yo let’s do this another time, let’s finish the rest another time.

But that goes to show you like how our subconscious mind will just self-sabotage us and we don’t even know it you know, and we think like oh. I’m just, I’m born this way. Nope, nothing I can do. It’s my genetics.

0:29:30 Dr. Liz

Oh yeah, it’s so true, there’s. He used to be very well known. He passed away a couple of years ago. But Dabney Ewen, who was a medical doctor and a hypnotist Okay, he did a lot of research around burns actually. So he was in New Orleans and the guys would come off the oil rigs with a very severe burn. Actually, emergency room would call him any time day or night. He’d run over and he would do hypnosis with them and his research showed like people could grow back hair where they shouldn’t be able to grow back hair.

0:30:04 Dom

They had the. Is this guy still alive? No, how many of them? Yeah right, he helped me grow back my hair, bro.

0:30:10 Dr. Liz

Exactly. The pain levels would come down, they would heal faster all this different stuff. But during his seminar and I took this I think I had been trained in hypnosis a couple of years by then. But I was attending the seminar because he was so well known and wise, honestly, and he always asks is there anyone else in your family who has this similar problem? Or he’ll ask is there anyone else you know with this similar problem? Or something like that. And after I started adding that into my intake, and it’s really fascinating.

It does show like oh, are you connecting with someone around this? And I work a lot with sleep, I’m an insomnia specialist and sometimes the answer will be no. So it’s not always a family connection, but other times it’ll be like oh yeah, my mom, my grandma, we just all struggle with sleep. And it’s like wait a minute. People convince themselves. It’s all genetic.

0:31:12 Dr. Liz


0:31:13 Dr. Liz

So there’s no solution, although they’re in my office, so part of them believes there’s a solution, right, right. So whether that’s an office, virtual or real in person, it’s interesting because I do believe there are some genetics that go into things, but we also know there’s epigenetics. It can be changed, and not only that. You can change it for your future generation. So you have children or you’re going to have children some day. You can change it for them. So it’s always like a really great question.

0:31:44 Dom

Yeah, that’s good. I’m going to add that in there. What we ask is like, how does your mother relate to this, how does your father? But we could just ask that’s not the same question, right, it’s a different question. Because, you might not even think somebody might say, oh, my mother relates because of this, but they might not realize that their mother has the same issue, or even like a grandma or whatever.

0:32:06 Dr. Liz

So yeah, I love that question.

0:32:07 Dom

That’s great.

0:32:08 Dr. Liz

Occasionally it’s someone random, so they’ll be like not really I don’t know. The only one I know with this problem like this, is like a co-worker that I had something like that. So sometimes it’s not a family member. It’s like someone that was in their environment somewhere.

0:32:24 Dom


0:32:25 Dr. Liz

But it’s always really interesting it is. It really is yeah to leave it open.

0:32:30 Dom

Yeah, hypnosis is. It’s changed my life so much in the way of how I see things and what I realize is really going on in the world, and it just makes you go, wow, this is like. This is so crazy, because a lot of the stuff we’re taught about our body and how everything works is just complete and utter nonsense. A lot of it not all of it, but a lot of it is like oh, there’s nothing you can do and you’re screwed and it’s just you’re just genetic, you’re just no, it’s not that

You can actually do something about it, you can, yeah, and then I have a deeper level too of all right. What kind of spiritual work is going on here?

0:33:13 Dr. Liz

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

0:33:13 Dr. Liz

Maybe you needed this for a little bit to move through it, to clear it, or perhaps this is something you need going forward. Always allow for that. But I mean, I had a colleague who was on the podcast a couple of times actually, who had MS and no one would think that you could cure MS with hypnosis and technically we’re not even allowed to say cure quote. But she will tell you that she cured her MS with hypnosis because it was tied to this limiting belief that she had.

0:33:51 Dom

Which was that? Do you remember?

0:33:53 Dr. Liz

It was that she must be ill and sick to get attention from her mother. That’s a very common one right.

0:34:02 Dom

To get attention.

0:34:03 Dr. Liz

Yes, and she was in a wheelchair. They had daily assistants coming in to help her and you would never know that like looking at her. When I met her she was like a beautiful, functional walking. You would never know she had been in a wheelchair.

Oh yeah, she had already healed herself when I met her and actually I went to the hypnotherapist that she saw for some of my own subconscious beliefs to heal those, and then I became trained in that technique, which I call core healing. But it’s really a regression technique to go back and see, ok. Where is this belief tied to?

0:34:46 Dom

and healing that belief. Isn’t that so crazy? Like, how are we not taught this in middle school, you know, like yeah,

0:34:49 Dr. Liz

Well, you know, I don’t think our brains are quite developed enough for that Right, and they can at least know what a limiting belief.

0:35:02 Dom

I mean, we’re 12. If they’re showing freaking, Think of this nonsense. They push on kids. Now it’s like, oh my God. Well, that’s true, yeah some of this stuff, you know what I mean. Like what is a limiting belief? Or like how are you such an angry little, you know what? Oh, it’s because of this, you know.

0:35:21 Dr. Liz

Yeah, yeah. Well, let’s see, I have a 21 year old just going to be 22 next month and a 17 year old, and so we’ve talked about limiting beliefs their whole life, and they still have them. Oh yeah, I think OK, once that brains developed at 25, we’re going to get some good work done you know right, so you don’t actually never worked with them on anything, or? Yeah, no I have.

I mean some less formally, let’s say, actually the first time. My first like, let’s say, exposure to hypnosis was buying a CD. So it was back when we had CDs and used them a lot. But I bought a CD for my daughter who was around, I think she was around six, seven, eight around the time, and all of a sudden she developed a sphere of heights and so I was not actually training hypnosis at the time. I knew about it but I wasn’t actually even practicing as a psychotherapist at the time. I had a PhD, but I was home with my kids, so she must have been more like six, let’s say, because I went to back to work when she was about six and a half or so. So she developed a sphere of heights. All of a sudden she wouldn’t climb up on any playground structures, nothing like that.

And so I found Steve G Jones, who is pretty, you know, well known in the hypnosis community, and I found a recording of his. I ordered the CD. I said it’s subliminal. So it just sounded like ocean sounds for her. But I told her we’re going to work on this, it’s just going to sound like ocean sounds and I’m going to put it on while you sleep. She said okay, so it took I don’t know. She listened to that a couple of weeks and then we went to a place that had, let’s call it, like a mini zip line. It’s like a zip line for kids is like the at the zoo.

She went right up, she went across, she never had a problem after that


Yeah, so it’s subliminal like just very subtle voice in the background, or you couldn’t hear it at all?

Dr. Liz

It really sounded like ocean sounds.

0:37:24 Dom

Oh really, yes, wow, that’s crazy.

0:37:27 Dr. Liz

Yeah, yeah. So after that I ordered like listen to your mother and grades and did it work good stuff, it didn’t work. She got to graduate from college. She’s made one be ever like that’s another problem that she’s like too dedicated or something. She’s like that’s all driven by anxiety.

0:37:53 Dom

She’s not, feels like she’s not good enough, or something. She’s like she’s into the game. There is, there is.

0:38:01 Dr. Liz

Yes, but but yeah, there was one problem she was working on, where I said you know what? Let’s go to my office to work on this, because I have the whiteboard there and all this stuff. I actually have a chalkboard in my home, but you know, it’s like let’s go to my office. Yeah, there’s a subtle component to that. Right, let’s go somewhere formal and really work on this. So in that aspect, yes, but generally I send them to my mentor actually.

0:38:29 Dom

Oh, okay, nice, yeah, that’s cool.

0:38:31 Dr. Liz

And that same child had a needle phobia that I sent her up there I did the CBT to calling to behavioral therapy with like an anxiety specialist, that track. But then I sent her to hypnosis and it didn’t work great for her. But then my mentor and I were actually in another seminar about six months later. The presenter, who was fantastic, Wendy her last name Lempke, I think, maybe Wendy Lempke, but she was talking about some early stuff that happened for her child around two, and all of a sudden it hit me I was like, oh my God, Marty, I forgot to tell you that Mia had heart surgery at two. Like this is the root of this problem. I never revealed the root to you.

0:39:19 Dom

That’s crazy. Yeah, yeah so with the heart issue was causing what the anxiety.

0:39:26 Dr. Liz

Well, she has a needle phobia and I think it really originated there.

0:39:30 Dom

When she was two.

0:39:31 Dr. Liz

We can’t understand what’s going on and you know why people are hurting you, and she got over that.

0:39:38 Dr. Liz

And what let’s say now? She can do it with support. So her boyfriend there, her dad there something like that.

0:39:46 Dr. Liz

Yeah, oh, that’s cool when she needs to.

0:39:48 Dr. Liz

I mean no one’s signing up for like shots, you know, or blood draws. No one’s signing up for that, Right. But unless you’re a lobotomist, I guess you’re signing up for it right, but that’s to pull it out.

Yeah, it is fascinating, it really is. So often I think the problem will go back to early childhood, although in my practice I’ve seen it in adolescents early 20s. It just depends what happens to you. Sometimes, as someone’s older, they had something happen in their 20s or 30s that really shifted some kind of belief they had Right.

0:40:24 Dom

Yeah, a lot of times I find it is genetic or, you know, we go into memories of their parents, their grandparents, their great grandparents and they go in and find out. It’s interesting because I’ve had, you know, people go and they’re so blown away at like, how am I getting this memory of you know, whatever it may be? And then they go and ask their parents or their grandparents or whoever, and I’ve never, not one time, had somebody come back and say they were wrong. You know never once.

No, yeah, never Every person that’s ever verified it was spot on, like very, very detailed too, and in many cases so. I had a gentleman who went into this memory of his grandfather, like in the war and World War II his grandfather passed away and he ended up telling his dad about it.

And his dad was like, okay, he’s like where were they? He’s like they’re in a barn. What were they wearing? They’re wearing coats. What was going on? He’s like I don’t know, but I just had the sense that somebody was going to kill him. He was kill his grandpa. And what time of year was it? It was winter. And how many people were in the barn? Five. Well, like every little detail.

And then his father ended up saying, well, yeah, everything that you just told me is exactly what happened. And you know, he told the whole story about his grandfather was in a, his grandfather got wounded by the Nazis and he was in a hospital. The hospital got bombed. And while the hospital got bombed, everybody evacuated. And when his grandfather evacuated, he grabbed an.

I don’t know why, but maybe there was just laying around, but he grabbed a Nazi’s jacket because it was the only thing he could find. So here’s a Russian soldier wearing a Nazi’s jacket. Well, the Russians ended up finding him and they’re like hey, you know we’re going to kill you. And he’s like no, no, no, I’m a Russian. I’m a Russian. They’re like well, you’re wearing a Nazi jacket. So they put him in this barn him and five, four other people because they were going to execute him the next day, because they wanted to verify his story. And then they verified it was true and obviously the guy lives because his grandson’s alive, but to the, literally to the clothes they were wearing. That’s how accurate it was with that genetic memory. So yeah, that’s very fascinating.

0:42:32 Dr. Liz

Wow, that is, that is yeah. Yeah, our minds are really capable of amazing things.

0:42:39 Dom

Yeah, and some people they just think it’s fake or you know, I don’t. I don’t know what they think, but yeah, it’s cool stuff Once you dive into this and really understand, like what’s really going on, you know.

0:42:51 Dr. Liz

Yeah, yeah, I mean, the fake question does come up and what I say is the question the fake like it’s this fake? Is this real Is?

0:42:59 Dom

it real or am . . .  

0:42:59 Dr. Liz

I making it up, yeah, and it’s like when I mean you can’t go and verify, but let’s say you can’t do that, then I always say I’m not the lawyer here, we’re not in a court of law, I don’t need evidence. Yeah, it’s really important to me is the perception that you’re forming around that memory and also it’s like you’re paying me a lot of money and it’s time to be here, like you’d have no motivation to make up stuff.

0:43:29 Dr. Liz

Right, right.

0:43:29 Dr. Liz

Right, it doesn’t really matter. We’re working with what the mind’s coming up with. Right so that we can heal that.

0:43:36 Dom

So All that matters is how you feel after. Do we resolve it or not?

0:43:40 Dr. Liz

Yeah, exactly Right how you move forward in your life. Yes, do you do past lives?

0:43:46 Dom

No, not I don’t do regressions, but occasionally things will pop up that, hey, this started from a past life and we go down that path.

0:43:54 Dr. Liz


0:43:54 Dom

But I don’t do past life regressions necessarily, I mean, I guess, it is in a way, but not like the typical, because people hit me up oh, I want to do past life regression. I’m like for what? And they’re like, I just want to see that I don’t really do. But if it’s a problem that comes up and then we go into past life spontaneously yeah. Yeah, yeah.

0:44:12 Dr. Liz

So that’s how I started doing past life regression is like it would happen spontaneously in session, and then I’m like I think I need some training around this. Yeah. I finally got it, and then it’s like, yeah, we can do past life if you want. Or what I say is BQH. Beyond Quantum Healing, which is really looking at, you can look at the future and seek guidance from your spiritual guides. So, sometimes you go through the past as well during that one, but that one’s really fascinating.

0:44:43 Dom

It’s a hypnosis meditation.

0:44:44 Dr. Liz

They actually don’t say it’s a hypnosis technique.

0:44:49 Dr. Liz

Oh, okay.

0:44:50 Dr. Liz

Normally the trainer who I guess named it, and it originates from Dolores Cannon.

0:44:57 Dom

Oh, okay, there’s a lot of All the alien stuff.

0:45:00 Dr. Liz

Spiritual work yes.

0:45:01 Dom

If he was asking can you do the door? Oh, I don’t know, but there’s some clients who are like, hey, this guy’s one of those people. He needs to go see a Dolores Cannon trainer.

0:45:10 Dr. Liz

It’s like this is one of those people right here.

0:45:12 Dr. Liz

Right, right, yeah, but it’s really interesting that one is too. But yeah, similar experiences just started coming up. I didn’t even believe in it. Quote unquote believe in it. I had had a past life regression myself because I was looking for some answers around a relationship actually, and it did not go well. At the time I was not trained in hypnosis, so this was before I was trained, and I know now that there’s no way the guy was yelling at me. I mean, he’s a professional, it’s just like under hypnosis it felt like that right.

0:45:48 Dom

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

0:45:49 Dr. Liz

So I can’t know that now, but at the time I was like this is awful, Like just stop yelling at me, you know, but in asking these questions it’s like I don’t even answer that Right, it’s really interesting. But I had that one experience and just sort of left it alone for a long time, and then they begin to happen spontaneously. So I was like, yeah, I’ll get some training on this one.

0:46:14 Dom

That’s interesting. Yeah, that’s funny.

0:46:16 Dr. Liz

Yeah, so we are coming to the end of our time here. Thank you so much for.

0:46:21 Dom

Yeah, thanks for having me.

0:46:22 Dr. Liz

Being here. Please tell people again how to find you and, if they’d like to work with you, how to reach out.

0:46:28 Dom

Yeah, so you can go to if you want to book a consultation. Domthehypnotist.com. Slash hypnosis, slash zoom. So we do about a 45 minute deep dive and bring up a lot like a lot of stuff we’ve been talking about bring to the surface. Hey, why do I feel this way? Why, what am I blocked here or whatever? So you can go there again. That’s DOMthehypnotist.com. Slash hypnosis, slash zoom. And you can find me on social media DOMthehypnotist on Instagram, tiktok, and then my YouTube is DOMthehypnotist and you can send me a message there as well, if you have any questions be happy to help you guys out with that.

0:47:07 Dr. Liz

Great, well again, thank you so much, and that will all be in the show notes for everybody so that it’s easily found for you, as you can find DOM if you feel called to work with him. And have a wonderful day.

0:47:21 Dom

Thank you, Liz.

0:47:52 Dr. Liz

I hope you truly enjoyed today’s episode. Remember that you can get free hypnosis downloads over at my website, drlizhypnosis.com. Drlizhypnosis.com. I work all over the world doing hypnosis, so if you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website and we’ll see you in the next video. If you’re interested in working with me, please schedule a free consultation over at my website and we’ll see what your goals are and if I can be of service to you in helping you reach them. Finally, if you like today’s episode, please subscribe to the podcast or tell a friend. That way, more and more people learn about the power of hypnosis. All right, everyone, have a wonderful week.

0:48:41 Dr. Liz

Thanks for watching.

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