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So often we feel helpless to change our feelings. We think we don’t have control over them and that they may last forever.

Before we continue, ALL of your feelings are ok. Please repeat this to yourself about 100 times. I can’t tell you how much I say this and how much people often don’t believe me. They’ve been told that anger is bad or pride or even happiness! It’s easy to see that “happiness is bad” is insane! But just insert any other feeling there and it’s just as insane.

Once you feel your feelings, it’s also ok to want to move out of that feeling state, to not want to get caught or trapped in it. This is a major skill we teach in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and one that’s helped me so much in my own life. Changing them is actually a skill that you can learn and apply whenever needed.

The video above talks about one way to do that whether you do it at the beginning of the day or at some other time – both are useful.

Watch the 2 minute video above to help yourself feel better quickly.

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Hi everyone. Dr. Liz here at Dr. Liz Hypnosis. I want to talk about the five minute plan today. Now this is something I recommend to people who are really working on either productivity or changing their feeling state, like feeling better throughout the day. What I recommend is that you only take five minutes at the beginning of the day to make your plan for the day.

How do I want to feel, and what do I need to do to feel that way? If you wouldn’t feel productive, what do I need to get done to feel productive? If I want to feel calm, what do I need to do to feel calm? Maybe that’s taking a walk with the dog. Maybe that’s sitting outside with your coffee for five minutes. It can be something super simple. Maybe it’s meditating, breathing. I don’t know. Listening to Hypnosis File, wink, wink. Whatever it is that you need to do.

Now, I don’t suggest making this a long journaling process because when you do that, often it’ll get pushed to the side. Like, I don’t know, you wake up a little late. You got to get the kids to school or logged on online if they’re doing online school. And you feel like I don’t have time to journal. That’s not what this is.

This is just three to five minutes where you write down, it can be even less than that. It could be one minute where you write down. How do I want to feel? What do I need to do to feel that way today?

Many people don’t realize that they can create how they feel throughout the day. We all create how we feel. We can change a feeling state. We can move out of it. We don’t have to get stuck in it. I have another video about that, moving out of a feeling state.

This comes from the DBT world, dialectical behavior therapy, where often borderlines will get sucked down into a feeling state. They came up with a method of how do we change that feeling state. How do we get unstuck? We can all change how we feel. We can create how we feel. Now sometimes feelings do come upon us willy nilly or something we don’t predict. Yes, but can we generally create how we want to feel on a date and figure that process out for ourselves so that we feel better? Absolutely. Hands down. You can do that.

Now remember there’s free stuff over at my website, including a free hypnosis to reduce anxiety and to reduce your stress level. You might want to give those a listen if you’re watching this video. Otherwise I hope you’re doing well and peace.