Moms get Touched Out / Touched Sensitive!


Today’s topic is a mom topic and it’s about being touched out. So Moms will talk about this, particularly when they have kids that are very very cuddly. So it’s either baby, a toddler, or even a larger kid that wants to be touched all the time like they’re always right
against you, they want to cuddle, they’re on top of you when you’re watching a show together.

Even when they’re a little baby, they even follow you around the house, they want to be right beside you. Moms have different levels of sensitivity in themselves whether their system gets overloaded or not. So sometimes for moms, they really get overstimulated. It is a real effect that the kids are touching them so much on the skin that they don’t want to be touched by anybody else.

So when does this show up? It often shows up later when their partner wants to have sex and they’re like “Why don’t you want to be touched?” and it’s like “Oh my god I’ve been touched all day long!” and they’re done, really done.

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What I recommend for this is that there’s some transition time for them from being the mom. Allow themselves to come out of the baby’s room or the child’s room and relax for a little in a spot where there’s no demand to be touched. So that may be in a chair at the kitchen table (who knows wherever that is for you) but be somewhere you can transition a little bit, where you can have a cup of tea or read a book or something to where it’s not related to parenting and you’re not being touched by anybody.

Generally, once moms have this time for themselves say 15-30 minutes (it varies for everybody), then they’re willing to be touched again by their partner. They’re willing to cuddle with their partner or have sex or do any of the things that the partner wants them to do.

So that’s my tip for today about how to handle being touched out.

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