Is it your thyroid, depression, or age?

Are you Draaagggging?

pexels-engin-akyurt-1458826 depression thyroid languishing treatment browardHow are you today? Do you feel like you’re dragging along a lot of the time?

Sometimes “dragging” feels like “languishing.” It just feels like you’re plodding along in life. You don’t feel like doing much, going out of your house much. And certainly not doing something that requires you put on a bra for the women in my audience.

Maybe you just need a period of less activity, of hibernating. It could be the heat, for sure.

Or perhaps it’s your thyroid

I often recommend that people have their thyroid checked before they assume it’s something like depression. It does require bloodwork to check your thyroid, but often it’s worth it. Most doctors will run just the TSH and sometimes the T4 test. I recommend that they run a full panel thyroid which is the following:

Is it your thyroid, depression, or age?

Your TSH could look fine, but you’re not actually converting T4 to T3 well (so either of those can come back low). When that happens, you feel tired all the time and want to nap every couple of hours. You can’t tolerate the heat well. You don’t sleep well. You have “cement legs” that don’t want to move.

I’m not a medical doctor so will stop right there in terms of advice around your thyroid. But I thought it might help one of you out there. To read more about age vs. thyroid, check out Joy Kiddie’s article.

Is it Depression?

If it’s not your thyroid, then consider the Symptoms of Depression. If it is, then even though it feels difficult to do reach out for help. Treatment can truly help you feel like going out again, having energy, wanting to see people, and living with more ease.

Here’s a quote from a past client:
“I had no idea that I could feel so much better so quickly (4 sessions)! I wish I had come in sooner. I waited months and could have been feeling better that whole time.” – E. G.

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