Helping your Kids Find their Feelings

Kids do not intuitively know how to name their feelings. It’s a learning process for them. You can use your own face and their face and play a game with them – “Guess what my face is saying . . . ” Some adults need help with this too – connecting what’s going on in your body with what you’re feeling.


Today I’m going to talk about face training. I have another video on face training about how to get your kids to listen better and this one’s focus is more on teaching your kid how to identify feelings and emotions going on in their body.

When they’re little, they need a little help, they often don’t know it’s a learning process for them to be like

“Hey, are you angry? Are you sad? Are you happy? Let me know what’s going on here!

One way you can do this is to do a game with them about your face and about their face. You get down on their level and you have them guess what your face is saying.

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You can be like “Oh mommy’s so so sad ☹️”  (put on a really sad face and you have them guess that.

“What is mommy feeling now? (and put a smile on 🙂)  That’s right she’s happy!

And then you can have them do the same thing like “Show me sad, show me happy, show me when you’re really angry and have them show you “I’m really angry or frustrated” so that that way they begin to connect that hey there’s feelings going on in their little bodies and they have you know expresses in our bodies.

Sometimes people don’t even know that. They don’t connect and say”Hey, let me check in with my body to see how I’m feeling here.” That’s a task even adults struggle with sometimes.

Example like: Oh my god! Yes, my stomach is tight and my shoulders are tight and I’m feeling anxious and stressed!

So it’s part of that process and teaching them when they’re really little to tune into that so that they can have an easier time as they grow up.

So that’s it, I hope you enjoy the face training!

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