Dr. Liz on Self-Hypnosis

The goal of hypnosis is always Self-Hypnosis, that you can do at home.


Hi. I’m Dr. Elizabeth Bonet with floridapsychotherapy.com and today we’re going to talk a little bit about self-hypnosis.

What is self-hypnosis versus just hypnosis? Someone comes into office and they want hypnosis for a particular thing. Either they’re having surgery or they want to decrease symptoms of IBS, or sometimes not smoking, these types of things. Insomnia is a big one. Hypnosis is very effective for all of these things. Very effective.

My goal with them is … I do a couple of sessions with them. We see what their goals are, what’s going on. I craft the hypnosis specific to them. IBS is more of a protocol because it’s been highly researched and found to be highly effective if you follow this protocol. It’s more that, it’s less custom.

There’s still some customization that goes on in terms of how the person likes to breathe and how do they go down into a hypnotic state or a meditative state. Mostly feels like deep relaxation and hypnotic state.

Custom Recording

We do all of that and generally they take a recording home with them. It’s an mp3 that they download to their phone and that they listen to at night or during the day. Whichever they choose. At that point, they begin to internalize that voice and their body begins to learn what to do in hypnosis. How to put themselves into a hypnotic state. That’s really the goal in my office of hypnosis. Let me teach you how to do self-hypnosis so you can do this at home. So that you’re not relying on me for years and years.

Sometimes people come back for touch-up sessions or to work on something else. They want something else that’s a little customized to them. Generally, they can take those sessions, they can take that recording and find great benefit by doing that at home.

That’s a little bit about self-hypnosis. Have a great day. If you want to check out more about me you can go to floridapsychotherapy.com, subscribe to my newsletter and get a free hypnosis for yourself that you can do at home.

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