What’s your Holiday Sleep Plan?

Insomnia-during-the-HolidaysI hope your holiday season is going well!

It’s an easy time to eat too much, drink to much, and sleep too little or too much!

Can you sleep too much??? Ummm . . . Yep!

Often people want to sleep in on the holidays and laze around the house a lot. That’s totally fine if you continue to sleep well at night.

But lack of activity and sleeping in can both affect your sleep that night or for several nights.

Better sleep starts the minute you wake up. So if you’re not sleeping well during the holidays, get up at your regular time even if it means setting the alarm.

I’m now dodging snowballs!

Dodging Snowballs gif

If you’re sleep deprived due to staying up late . . .
Allow for staying up late a couple of nights and/or special nights! But don’t try to make up several hours of missed sleep the next morning by sleeping in..

Instead, it’s better to get up within 30 minutes to an hour of your regular time. And take a short nap later if needed.

Give yourself a week or two after the holidays to adjust back to better sleep.

If you’re having problems after that (or long-standing sleep problems), then schedule a free consultation to see if I can help you.

Don’t struggle for 10 years (like the average person does) before reaching out for help! Sleep can improve drastically in 3-6 sessions!

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Peace and Health and Happy Holidays,

Dr. Liz