Couples Counseling mythsThe #1 Myth of Couples Counseling

The last newsletter talked about One Myth About Couples. If you missed it, you can Read it Here.

This one focuses on the #1 Myth of Couples Counseling . . . That you BOTH have to go to therapy!

Maybe this isn’t the “official” #1 Myth, but it’s up there.

So many people feel frustrated and stuck when their partner refuses to go to counseling. What they often don’t realize is that they can go to therapy themselves . . . alone . . . solo . . . and make all kinds of positive changes that help change their relationship for the better.

You might be saying to yourself that you being in therapy is not going to fix their problem with lying or porn addiction or their love of video games. This is true.

But what you can change is how you relate to them around it, how you talk to them about it, and how much it affects you. You can change behaviors that bring things to a standstill like:

  • Whining
  • Complaining
  • Pretending everything is fine
  • Playing the martyr
  • Blaming your partner for all the problems in the relationship

And when you begin to relate differently, the relationship cannot help but change.

Individual therapy is not a walk in the park. It helps you look at hard truths and fears and practice relating differently. It helps you learn and practice different ways to say things while still keeping your integrity. Or it can help you figure out whether you want to stay or leave.

If you want hypnosis along with talk therapy, then hypnosis can help you heal even deeper subconscious patterns that are getting in your way of being the type of partner and person you want to be. 

If you can’t even be in the same room or if the fighting is off the scale and is always about the same things that never seem to get solved, then consider getting professional help for yourself. No matter who you see, I would recommend that they have specific training in couples therapy. Only 15% of therapists do (yep – I’m one of those 15%). That’s not a lot! If it’s not apparent from their website, ask them!

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