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Do Self-Help Books Work?

Do Self-Help Books Work? The short answer is YES! But the long answer has a few more nuances to it. I cannot tell you how many "self-help" books have helped me in my life. It's too many to count! That doesn't mean though that I haven't spent years of my life seeking professional help. There's a perspective that [...]

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OCD and You during Coronavirus!

OCD and You during Coronavirus! Pretty much everyone is feeling a little OCD right now! And many of us are confused about what to sanitize, where to sanitize, and when to sanitize! I wanted to share a great article I found. This is the first one I've seen that goes into the risk associated with doing different [...]

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Decrease your OCD Tendencies!

Decrease your OCD Tendencies with treatment in Broward county Transcript Hi. Dr. Liz here with drlizhypnosis.com and Conversations for Effective Living. Earlier today I did a promo video for my new podcast, Hypnotize Me, which I film upstairs with my big podcasting mic, my professional mic. When I got up here and I saw on [...]

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