Stop Self-Sabotaging

Who hasn’t felt like they sabotage themself from time to time? Some people feel this way far more often! I’m always curious about self-sabotage and have done a couple of interviews on the podcast to learn more about it.

When I went through an  Intensive Healing Hypnosis Process  myself to be trained in it, I discovered very personal roots of self-sabotage.

I actually didn’t go into the process thinking this was something I wanted to resolve or even work on. But it came up so that I could achieve other goals that I had.

Update – Both self-sabotage and body hate felt completely resolved after going through Core Healing hypnosis.

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On the Podcast

One interview that I did on the Hypnotize Me Podcast was with certified hypnotist Christina Woods. Christina had a successful 20 year career in higher education when she was hit with severe vertigo which affected all aspects of her life. She randomly found a hypnosis file on YouTube that helped heal her. She eventually trained and became a hypnotherapist.

We talk about:

  • Going against the grain of what society wants you to do and following your passion
  • How money is just energy and can come into alignment and transform when you work on the deeper self
  • Rapid Transformational Hypnosis (1-3 sessions)
  • Why we Self-Sabotage and How we end it
  • Why the Subconscious mind doesn’t always feel like a partnership


Listen In

Listen In on the Website >>>>>>>HM 241: Stop Self-Sabotage with Christina Woods
Listen In on YouTube >>>

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