Insomnia treatment Sleep a major factor in performanceSleep as a Major Influence for the US Army’s P3 / Performance Triad

I ran across a great blog about performance in the US Army. Sleep was one of the major foundations of all other factors of performance and they had some good facts in their article too!


  • Sleeping less than 5 hours for 5 days (or 1 day without sleep) correlates with a 20% decrease in cognitive ability; the equivalent decrease in decision making and memory loss associated with being legally drunk.
  • About 25% of all motor vehicle accidents are fatigue-related.
  • Soldiers who got 33 more minutes of sleep improved marksmanship and mood.
  • Short sleep duration(< 6 hours) is associated with new onset of mental health disorders, decreased physical endurance, and increased work-related injuries.

Better Sleep is Your Secret Weapon:

  • More sleep leads to quicker reaction times, improvements in decision making and better targeting (9% improvement in free-throw and 3-point shooting accuracy).
  • Fewer than 4 hours of sleep increases the chance of feeling depressed and is linked with making poor choices.
  • Poor sleep and sleep loss can lead to accidents and injuries on the job.
  • Good sleep is linked with greater weight loss.
  • Poor sleep is linked with eating more desserts and sweets.
  • Poor sleep is linked with increased mental distress, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, stroke and arthritis.

To see all of the article, which is about much more than sleep, check it out here >>

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