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Decrease Pain during Pregnancy to reduce Insomnia

Reducing Pain that causes Insomnia during Pregnancy

Sometimes pain is what causes Insomnia during pregnancy. This can be for several reasons. A common reason is that you’re starting to get bigger and sleeping just becomes uncomfortable sometimes. You’re trying to find a comfortable position and just can’t. Or the one you want you think is not good for the baby.

Lots of women think sleeping on their back will hurt the baby far before it actually would. It generally doesn’t affect women until later in pregnancy, definitely not in the first trimester and often not in the second either. When it does affect the baby, it will wake you up from a dead sleep!

Another reason you can be in pain is something truly hurts – your wrists, your hands (carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy is common), your back . . .

Often fear comes up at night that the pain will never end. You end up wondering if this will get better and if not, what then?

Decreasing Pain during Pregnancy

There are a couple of things you can do to reduce pain that causes Insomnia during Pregnancy.

  1. Address and soothe your fears instead of trying to ignore them. Writing, thinking, praying about your fears are all good way to handle them.
  2. Ask if the pain has something to teach you. Do you need to slow down? Relax? Take care of yourself? Often women have a hard time adjusting to the slower pace that their body needs during pregnancy. Your body will tell you anyway though to not push it by being in pain later, often in the middle of the night when you want to sleep!
  3. Reduce the impact or intensity of the pain. If your nose is stuffed, see if you can clear it out. If your hands are aching, do some gentle exercises to reduce the pain. Same for your back. Use the pregnancy pillows to help your back. They’re worth the investment!

Soothe physical sensation with Relaxation

  • Map the pain – See where the edges are and where the pain starts and stops.
  • Picture Elves or Fairy healers mending your pain
  • Night Yoga – take the poses you learn in prenatal yoga either in person or in videos that are restful and do them at night to just rest the body.
  • Another option to help sleep better in pregnancy is Meditation music. Put on some relaxing music from YouTube.
  • Listen to a Meditation or Hypnosis file to help you have a better pregnancy! You can download one for free by Joining the Newsletter. It’s always on the Thank You page no matter what the main offer is. I’ll always offer it as a resource for pregnant women!

I specialize in hypnosis for anxiety and chronic conditions in Broward county and the Fort Lauderdale area. Pregnancy is not a chronic condition LOL.  But I do offer Hypnosis for Childbirth to help you have a better birth! To see if we’re a good fit to work together, schedule your free consultation.

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