New Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Office in Hollywood, Florida Open!

psychotherapy and hypnosis office open in hollywood south florida

New Office open in Hollywood South Florida!

Just letting you know that I moved into a brand spankin’ new office just down the street from my old one! I’m now all on my own on Sheridan St. in Hollywood, Florida.

It is a very quiet space and I absolutely love doing hypnosis as well as traditional talk therapy there! The view is relaxing as well as the waiting room which of course includes some fairy lights. A common question I get is the difference between “hypnotherapy” and hypnosis. From my perspective, they’re the same thing.

psychotherapy and hypnosis office open in hollywood south Florida

View from the Office!

Whenever I work with someone, it’s a collaborative relationship where I’m getting to know you, what your specific needs are, and what is motivating you to get better. So it’s truly a combination of talk therapy and hypnosis which equals “hypnotherapy.”

Sometimes someone just wants the talk part to work on their marriage, anxiety, addiction, or childhood trauma.

Sometimes someone just wants the hypnosis part. Just the talk part I can do. But hypnosis almost always includes some talking too because it’s customized to you and includes suggestions to help with your particular problem whether it’s reducing anxiety, depression, migraines, reflux and GERD, or IBS. 



Below is a Welcome Video so you can see more of the office! Enjoy!


If you would like the magic of custom hypnosis, email me at or schedule a free telephone consultation. Although my office is in Broward county and the Fort Lauderdale / South Florida area, I work with people all over the world.

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Yours in health, Dr. Liz