Goal Setting Method – Your Ideal Day

This four-part series talks about Goal Setting for productivity. Next up is Your Ideal Day!


Today I’m going to talk about one way that I use to set goals. So I have several ways, I’m doing several short videos on this rather than one long video, and one way that I do that is to envision a day in the future. So this is a really nice, wonderful task. You can sit down and envision what is your ideal day in the future and go into as much detail as you can.

So this goes something like this: “I wake up in the morning and the sunlight is streaming through the windows in my room. I feel happy to be alive. I’m looking forward to the day. I roll out of bed and feed the pets, I make myself a cup of tea and I look over my day and see what it is that’s ahead of me. Then I have a nice about 10-15 minutes and meditation time and then I walk the dog, come back, and get ready for work. I’m looking forward to everything that I have to do that day, then I head off to work.”

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You can see it gets more and more detailed. You can put in taste, smell, sight, and sound. I really encourage you to involve the five senses and to just see where it goes for you. It’s a wonderful way to really envision what you want and do this without any limits of mind, like you are doing your ideal work you have your ideal day, you have unlimited money and funds, what would that day be like for you? So that’s it for today.

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