Micro-neurosurgery – Is that a Thing?

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When I first heard the term “micro-neurosurgery” for the treatment of depression and anxiety, I was like What the???

But then I read more about it. It’s a term that Dr. David Burns (author of “Feeling Great”) uses to describe Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I love CBT and use it in my practice combined with DBT and hypnosis to help people change patterns and feel better.

CBT and hypnosis Fort Lauderdale Orlando

CBT and hypnosis Fort Lauderdale Orlando

So why does Dr. Burns call it micro-neurosurgery?

We know that what wires together fires together in the brain. And a very effective way to change what’s firing is to change the wiring. This is essentially what anyone is doing when they’re changing something in their life whether it’s thoughts, behavior, or an unhealthy pattern.

With CBT, we’re changing wiring with focus and practice. In the case of hypnosis, we’re changing wiring with focus, practice, and deep relaxation.

You need focus to set off learning. But you need deep relaxation and/or sleep for learning to occur. It turns out that both parts are really important. One reason they think hypnosis is so effective in re-wiring the neural pathways is that it combines the state of focus with deep relaxation. A simple way to think of this is that you prepare and practice for a big presentation but then you need to sleep so that you’re fresh for it.

Put a little Time into Choosing a Surgeon

No matter how you choose to help yourself feel better whether that’s on your own or with someone, put a little time in choosing a trusted therapist. Read their blog or listen to their podcast if they have one. Have a phone call with them. Make sure you feel good before moving forward. There may be some nervousness since it’s new, but there should be some hopefulness too by the end of the call.

With online therapy, it’s possible these days to never leave your home and see a specialist for whatever type of therapy you choose to help yourself feel better about yourself and your life.
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