How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis with Dr. Liz

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Hi. Dr. Liz here with conversations for effective living. Today’s topic is how to stop smoking with hypnosis. I get a lot of calls for this, and I’m going to break it down for you some.

How many session will I need to stop smoking?

The research on this is actually that people generally need about three to six sessions. There is a small percentage of people who can stop smoking in one session, according to the research, one session. There’s a whole ‘nother group of people that stop within one to three sessions, and then there’s another subset that really takes them like three to six. So they need more individualized work. They need more work around what is triggering you. What do you do right before you smoke that you can change? How can you self-soothe because you’re not going to be able to use a cigarette anymore to soothe yourself? Those kinds of techniques are what we talk about.Stop Smoking Hypnosis Broward Dr Liz Fort Lauderdale South Florida

We do some of that in those first three sessions anyway, or one or two. Sometimes people come in and they don’t need the second or third session. We talk about those skills anyway. In general, it’s like the focus there is on the hypnosis and getting you to a place where you really believe you’re a non-smoker, where you’re ready to make that leap. That’s an important place to be.

How you walk out of the office after hypnosis to stop smoking

“I’m a non-smoker,” and when you talk out of the office you feel like a non-smoker. You also feel like letting go of all that shame that smokers often hold. There’s this one side that is like . . . “there’s things about it that I really like and love, and the breaks and the breathing and the soothing. There’s this other whole piece that just feels so shameful and awful to me, like I’m not living for my kids, the smell, and the looks I get from people, and all of this stuff, interrupting your creative flow often.” I heard that from one person.

We want to address that in hypnosis and say, “It’s okay to move into a new life. It’s okay to move into this good sense of yourself, like feeling good about yourself.” That’s important in life. It really is, and it changes everything. It’s a game changer.

Anyway, if you want to see more about this, I definitely have a page on my website to stop smoking, You can also listen to the couple of podcasts I did about it. They’re on the YouTube channel and they’re on my website. I think it’s Episode 9 and Episode 10, are the smoking ones, so go give them a look see.

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