Heartbreak Hypnosis


This is such a sad topic! Heartbreak sucks.

I really feel that sometimes heartbreak should be classified as an anxiety disorder! Almost!

Your mind is racing. Your heart is racing. Some people go into panic attacks.

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They feel bad. There are aches and pains in your body. It’s so physical when you go through heartbreak when somebody has abandoned you, say somebody ghosted you or they just broke up with you, or even when you do the breaking up but you know the relationship is done and over, so, how can hypnosis help with heartbreak?

What we do is we go back and do some healing around the relationship.

We bolster your self-esteem.

We do some distractions around. Let’s turn the mind so you don’t dwell on the relationship.

When you’re thinking about everything you said or should have done differently, when you’re going through the whole list, let’s take care of some of those body aches and pains and do some self-care.

That’s the type of work we’re doing in hypnosis for heartbreak. At least, that’s what I do. A lot of that session too is that we process what happened, what’s going on, how can you get relief, and what are some things you can do to work through these feelings. So that’s part of it.

It’s not just come, sit on my couch, go into hypnosis, and you’re done. Zing! That would be really nice!

That’s all for today. I hope that helps somebody going through heartbreak. Definitely seek someone out in your area who can do it. It’s so, so helpful and it just helps release some of that pain and suffering that you’re going through.


Remember there are all kinds of free stuff on my website – drlizhypnosis.com There’s hypnosis to reduce fear and anxiety. There’s also one for emotional stability. That one can be really helpful during heartbreak because that’s the last thing you feel when that stuff is going on.


Have a wonderful week.

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