Goal Setting with a Vision Journal

Goal setting with a Vision or Art Journal is a creative way to accomplish your goals!

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Today we’re going to talk about one method of goal setting, which is a vision journal.

I have three or four different videos about goal setting on my channel, and you can feel free to watch any of them. This one focuses on a really, truly lovely process, and it’s often a good fit for someone who is more artistic.

So one night I was headed over to my friend’s house, and we were going to do vision boards. Now, a lot of people are familiar with vision boards, it’s like a sheet of paper or even a bigger poster board, and it’s the same type of thing you did in elementary school with collaging, except now, it’s for the vision of your life like, what would you like your house to look like or what would you like in your love life, and you’re making a collage of your vision. But, when I got to my friend’s house, she had poured some wine, and we had caught up a bit, she brought out her vision journal.

This was like an art book that she had made over time of all the visions that she wanted for her life, and it was beautiful to look at. Often when you just do a vision board, it sits there for a while, and then, I don’t know, you get rid of it, or you save it, or you put it away or whatever once the vision comes true or you get tired of looking at it. But, for a vision journal, you can actually look back and be like, “Oh my gosh. This came true, and this came true, and this came true.” and it’s a lovely art process.

So, after our night, I immediately went home and got a vision journal and I’ve been using that for years. I only do it once or twice a year, but it has been really incredible, the things that I put down that I wanted, and the ways that they manifest later. So I think it’s a really important part of goal setting and it’s the one that taps into your artistic and intuitive side.

Try it yourself and let me know what you think.

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