Decrease Anxiety with an Even Breath

There’s nothing worse than uncontrollable anxiety! Try this Even breath technique to bring down anxiety in the moment and at any time that you use it.


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So, today I’m going to talk about an even breath. So another breath that I teach in my practice (I teach a couple of breaths for reducing anxiety during anxiety treatment) is the even breath.

Ok, so it’s an inhale to 5 and then exhale to 5.


Inhale 2… 3…  4…  5… Exhale    2…  3…  4…  5… 


Again, like I’ve said in the other video you can do it at your own pace, so you may need to start that a little faster. I’ve been doing yoga and meditation for my 15 and 18 years or so, so I’m very good at slowing your breath down and that really is your goal: to be able to do that better but you can start faster.


So for you, it may be, Inhale 2..3..4..5.. Exhale 2..3..4..5.. 


It’s a little bit faster paced but in the journal, you wanna start practicing that and slowing it down over time so that it feels calm and soothing for you. So then that helps calm the nervous system. 

Okay, so that’s what we’re doing with your breath, we are calming your system nervous system down so that the heart rate slows down, the breathing slows down and all of that anxiety reaction like “Oh my god! Something horrible is happening!” that disappears, floats away and the breath helps you do that.

Ok, so Inhale 2…3…4…5… exhale 2…3…4…5… 

Hopefully, that’s a good breath for you to practice today. Go practice your breathing and have a great day! 

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