Feeling Worn Out

Are you finding yourself feeling just Worn Out? We know the pandemic is not ending anytime soon as well as the restrictions going along with it. People are feeling like they’re living in a surreal world, having these moments where they think, “Are we really living this way now?”

When the pandemic first started, most everyone felt like they could do quarantine and social distancing for a few months. There was an end in sight! But now with restrictions still in place in most countries and rising numbers in some areas, the stress level of people is still very high.

To handle this, people are looking for ways to escape for a little, to numb out, even to feel a little “normal” again. Some people are drinking a lot. Some are using food and gaining weight. Others are trying to use healthy coping skills to keep a lid on the anxiety and/or depression.

If you’re looking for an anxiety reducing solution, try out the concept of “Radical Acceptance,” from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  

Here’s the Brief on Radical Acceptance. . . 
Radical Acceptance is not about not having feelings; rather it’s putting aside the feelings for just a little bit to accept what happened or what is happening to be able to move into feeling better. 

1. Rejecting the fact that we’re still in the pandemic only creates suffering for you.

Recognize when you’re trying to reject reality. The thoughts sound like, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t do this. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe we really have to wear masks or that my business has to do x, y, z to stay afloat.”

2. Once you realize you are fighting against reality, make a commitment to accept reality. 

3. Use coping statements to begin to radically accept different moments in your life without judging them.  This will allow you to think more clearly and figure out a better way to cope with what’s happening. It’s often helpful to use a coping statement to remind yourself to move into Radical Acceptance. Below are a few examples.

  • We’re still in a pandemic. It has not ended.
  • I can’t control that we’re in a pandemic.
  • I don’t get to live like I would prefer to, but this is the way it has to be for now.
  • Pain can’t be avoided in life. The pandemic is painful.
  • The present is the only moment I have control over.

4.  Refocus your attention on what you can do now to feel better.

This sounds like . . .

When I begin to think of everyone not wearing masks, I feel anxious, angry, and sad. I don’t want to feel that way anymore. What can I do today, in the present moment, to feel better? Perhaps I will rest or do exercises or call a friend (or call a therapist) to help me feel better. I know that I struggle with anxiety, staying in the present, and not thinking of every awful thing that could happen. I’ll be compassionate with myself around this. This really is a hard time. I’ll continue to turn my thoughts to something that helps me feel better, like we won’t have to live this way forever. Or eventually things will change because they always do.

If you want to learn more about DBT, take a look at Behavioral Tech’s FB page. I was just featured on it talking about how excited I am that they’re expanding DBT to reach Children . . .

I’m so glad to see this expand to children. I’ve been saying for years to parents that the DBT work they’re doing is going to benefit their children . . .  Click to see the Rest 

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