Another Quick Tip for Anxiety

anxiety treatment florida panic attack help pexels-shvets-production-7203956How are you this week? The last newsletter talked about tips you can use to handle anxiety when it’s happening in the moment. If you missed it, you can read it here. 

But here’s another quick tip for in the moment anxiety that came in from reader and colleague, Dr. Andy Hahn. I’ve interviewed Dr. Hahn on the podcast a couple of times and have been on his as well. I recently took his Level I training for Life Centered Therapy which was helpful in expanding my therapy toolbox.

He and Joan Beckett also just published a new book, “The One Hour Miracle” (not an affiliate link).

He gives the following tip along with a Haiku!

Feel the sensation associated with the anxiety and bring all your attention to it from the inside out, holding and bearing witness and letting it share what it’s most anxious about.

Bring your attention
From the inside out! What are
You anxious about?!

Anxiety can sometimes share unexpected thoughts and feelings with us. Try it and let me know what you think!

To see more about Dr. Hahn, check out his website!

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