Manage your Anxiety

anxiety-treatment-south-florida-anna-shvets-4226215So who struggles with anxiety and what kind of advice have you gotten? Take deep breaths?  Meditate? Do some “self-care?”

Those can help in the long-term, but they’re not very practical for the short-term “I’m having anxiety RIGHT NOW!” type of feeling. Try these instead. And give yourself a high five after doing one!

Shorter-term strategies:

  • How about a scream of rage? That can help release anxiety!
  • Going for a run / exercising
  • Dipping your face in a sink full of ice-water (really). Or a cold shower. It shifts the nervous system.
  • Tell friends and/or family you’re feeling overwhelmed. Let them help you.

Longer-term strategies:

  • Learn what triggers your anxiety. Is it work, family, school, or something else you can identify?
    • If it’s not something important, avoid it. Don’t go to the movies if it makes you anxious.
    • If it is something important, then work with an anxiety specialist to be able to face it until it doesn’t cause anxiety.
  • Review worksheets to learn skills you can use in the moment when anxiety arises. Here’s a link to some good ones:
  • Yes, learning to meditate can help long-term.

Here’s a quote from a past client who was avoiding having a very needed medical exam:  

“I wanted to let you know that the medical exam went well. I can’t believe it! I will always be grateful for your help in getting me to this point. Thank you!” – E. D.

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