4 Types of New Year Resolution Makers – What type are You?

It’s that time of year again – the New Year’s resolutions “I promise that this year I will do . . .” time of year. But rarely do resolutions last more than about a month. Yep, survey says that’s about all they last! If only everyone had this guide to help you make a resolution and stick to it!

Figure out your type and then look at the tips to help you stay on track! Happy Resolution Making and Happy New Year!

Type 1 – The Hummingbirds

4 types of goal setters coaching

The hummingbird flits from goal to goal.

The first group feel like they HAVE to set some kind of resolutions but they also don’t have a lot of faith in their own ability to achieve them. They tend to set goals and then another and then another, always thinking the next one will be better. They say things like,

  • “I guess this year I’ll . . . “
  • “I’ll try for a month or so . . .”
  • “Let’s see how far I make it . . .”

If this is you, let the pressure off. Stick to short-term goals so you get some momentum going. Don’t make resolutions for the year and then feel defeated when you quickly drop them. Instead, try making your resolution that you’ll set new resolutions at the beginning of every month. Stick to doing one or two things you love in January and give yourself the option to change to something else in February. Or to drop the resolutions or goals that don’t work for you.

Type 2 – The Phoenix

Phoenix new year resolutions goal setting coach

The Phoenix rises up but burns out fast! Don’t let this happen to you!

Oh so beautiful, the phoenix rises up just to burn itself out in a spectacular flame! Although these people get excited about their goals and resolutions, they jump in so fast and hard that they can’t maintain them long-term. They say things like,

  • “Go Hard or Go Home!”
  • “Step it up a Notch!”
  • “I’m all in!”

If this is you, consider scaling back AND set your New Year’s resolutions with achievable markers along the way. Don’t just think about January, think about the rest of the year too and set some resolutions for down the road. Perhaps it’s volunteer once a month instead of thinking you’re going to do once a week (and then find that hard to maintain). Or go for signing up for three bigger races that take some time to prepare for instead of a monthly 5K that you end up skipping.

Type 3 – The Cheerleaders

cheerleader goal setting coach new year resolutions

Are you a Cheerleading Type of Goal Setter?

These really are the people you want on your team cheering you on. They look forward to being able to start over, go into a New Year fresh, and accomplish lots of things in their life. They say phrases like,

  • “I can’t wait until the New Year starts!”
  • “I make resolutions every year and I love them!”
  • “I’m just finishing up last year’s resolutions and am excited to do a whole new set!”

These are your coaches, team leaders, and inspirational speakers. The Eeyores want to put these people in some far away corner so they can’t hear their cheery attitudes but Wait! They’re great when you need encouragement, support, and ideas.

If this is you, you’re already on your way . . . But chances are you often take on too much and then feel burned out later or depleted sooner than you thought. When that happens, you may drop goals or New Year’s Resolutions that were important to you in an attempt to get some breathing room.

Make sure to schedule in breaks or vacations from your resolutions to give yourself a little time off from doing so much. Breaks can help create more ideas and more energy to keep those resolutions going long-term. Check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine to see how vacations can be helpful.

Type 4 – The Alaskan Huskies

Alaskan husky goal setting coach new years resolutions

The huskies get it done!

The alaskan huskies are the ones crossing the finish line when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Their slow and steady pace make them reliable and trustworthy. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. They say things like,

  • “I don’t say something unless I’m actually going to do it.”
  • “Let’s look at this thoughtfully.”
  • “New Year’s Resolutions are opportunities for growth.”

Although not the ones creating excitement with fire works and drag racing, they are the ones you want working behind the scenes to make sure the show happens. Sometimes your pace is so slow though that you find yourself getting stuck in the details and not moving forward the way you wish you could.

The best thing for you to do here is make sure you set some resolutions that include fun and excitement – a break from your regular pace and life. Or try a resolution that takes you out of your comfort zone. Since we know you’ll eventually get it done, use them to energize you when you need it most or to explore something you wouldn’t normally do.

Regardless of what type you are, remember that you have an opportunity to set “resolutions” and goals any time of the year. You can hear more about Goal Setting on my podcast or with this Blog Posts on Different WAYS to set Goals.

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