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When you Don’t know what to do as a Mom!

So this is a BIG topic that I wanted to do a video on (below) and write a little about as well. We often have no idea what to do as a mom. This is particularly true if you had parents who either weren’t around that much or didn’t know what to do themselves.  But even if you did, it’s not like we’re totally encoding all of that stuff all along the way. Often people will get to adulthood, have kids later in life, and then really not remember what their own parents did in some situations.

There’s also the times that you have a mental or emotional block around whatever you need to do as a parent. This was definitely the case with me around taking care of my kids when they were sick when they were little. I was telling a mom the other day that awareness is the key here. If a parent doesn’t have awareness that they have a mental block, if they haven’t been to therapy or done any exploration about how to identify when they’re feeling bad or uncomfortable or helpless, if they haven’t done any kind of healing, then they may not know. This is often when neglect happens. It’s not always neglect with a capital N, but it happens. The parent doesn’t really tune into the child and try to respond to what they need.

Back to the point, I had done a lot of therapy and self-exploration and I knew I had a mental block around taking care of my kids when they were sick. So what solution did I come up with?

I used my Call a Friend card! 

Seriously. I called one of my friends who loved taking care of her kids when they were sick. It came natural to her. She actually enjoyed it! I asked her what to do and how. She talked me through it and often I would pretend to be her. I didn’t have to pretend forever. Eventually, it just became what *I* did, no pretending involved!

Even if you don’t have a friend to call, you can ask yourself, “What would a good mom do here?” And perhaps an answer will come to you. That was another strategy I used all the time as a mom, particularly if I wasn’t feeling great myself or not feeling very “motherly.” I would ask myself, “What would a good mom do?” And then I would do it.

I hope you enjoy the video about this.

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