Depression Anxiety Treatment Fort Lauderdale PolkWhen you don’t feel like it . . .

This newsletter is pretty much the opposite of the last one which was all about Goals. But what about those days when you wake up feeling like you just don’t care?

You’re probably expecting me to say something like, “review your goals, pick one, pick one small action, focus on that, etc.” I’ve read it all and I know that process well!

Give yourself a Break

Instead today I’m going to tell yourself to give yourself a break. Yep, just try giving yourself a break. What do you really want to do instead? Crawl back into bed? Curl up with a good book or movie? Hang out with the dog or cat? Go to the beach or the park?

We’re still in the middle of a weird, awful pandemic (I gave myself a break by not coming up with a third adjective there – feel free to fill in your favorite one). It’s still stressful. It’s still dealing with the unknown on a pretty much daily basis which taxes our brains. There are some times when you need to recoup, rest, and just give yourself some time to be.

In fact, here’s an excellent interview (and easy to understand) with Dr. Andrew Huberman out of Stanford that explains why we’re all so tired this past year even though we’re staying home and doing less! It’s on the Rich Roll podcast (July 30th, 2020 episode in case you want to listen to it on your podcasting app). Here it is on YouTube:

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