Time Change Spring Forward Tip from a Sleep Specialist

Many parts of the world participate in a time change that moves the clock one hour forward, “Spring Forward.” As a sleep specialist trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) and Hypnosis for Insomnia, the biggest mistake that I see people make is “trying” to go to sleep.

For many people, this stems from childhood. They’re put to bed when they’re not sleepy and the refrain of the exhausted parent is “just try to go to sleep!” I heard it my whole childhood and it certainly came out of my mouth from time to time and before I knew better as a parent.

Time Change tip from a sleep specialist Dr Liz


The BEST thing you could do is wait to go to bed until your body is sleepy.

Sleepy Signs

  • Yawning, Nodding off
  • Feeling drowsy or mind feels foggy. Concentration starts to wane.
  • Trying to widen/open your eyes to stay awake.
  • Not wanting to make decisions or have full conversations; Not wanting to talk a lot or asking someone to repeat themselves because you’re having a hard time listening to them.
  • Becoming irritable or grouchy.
  • Rewinding the movie/show because you drifted off.
  • Re-reading a passage because you drifted off.

Your body will adjust naturally to the time change over about 1 week / 1.5 weeks. More highly sensitive people or people on the spectrum take a little longer than people who are more neurotypical.

Hey, some people really don’t have Sleepy Signs, particularly people with ADD/ADHD or Autism. For you people, you have to go more by schedule (and a good sleep routine). That truly is harder to get to sleep than people who have Sleepy Signs. I feel for you!

But for the rest of you, hopefully this tip helps the week go more smoothly. Don’t stress out about the time change. Instead, give yourself and your body some grace.

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