Quicken your Healing with Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth

There are two ways that women use hypnosis for quicker healing from a cesarean birth. The first is to listen to a hypnosis before the cesarean, in preparation for it, if you have one scheduled and know it’s coming up. It can help you do the following:

  • Reduce Fear
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Be Calmer
  • Feel more emotionally prepared for the surgery and birth
  • Reduce complications during the surgery
  • Reduce bleeding during the surgery
  • Reduce complications after the surgery
  • Quicken healing after the surgery
  • Reduce pain after the surgery
  • Reduce depression and anxiety after the birth

Hypnosis for faster healing is truly effective for all of that. Some women are totally happy they’re having a cesarean due to their fear of childbirth or due to other medical problems going on during the pregnancy. But some women are very fearful and it’s the last thing they wanted or planned for. Hypnosis helps you reduce the feelings of fear, accept what’s happening and feel calmer heading into the birth.

Even if you’re thrilled to be having a cesarean, there are real medical risks to the surgery. Hypnosis can help you reduce complications during the cesarean surgery as well as after. Less complications and pain after the cesarean means that you are happier taking care of the baby and other children and feel better physically to do that too. You can get up and move faster and easier. You can return to exercising quicker. I remember the first walk I tried to take after coming home after my first cesarean. I thought I was going to die! Believe me, I would have LOVED  a hypnosis for cesarean to help me not feel so much pain, to help me cry less and feel better and feel more functional!

Quicken healing both before and after a cesarean birth.

Quicken healing both before and after a cesarean birth with hypnosis.

Unplanned Cesarean

Some women have an unplanned or emergency cesarean when it’s the last thing they wanted. This was the case with me. I had planned a natural birth at a birth center for my first birth, ended up transferring due to raising blood pressure, having an epidural (to bring down the blood pressure), but still couldn’t get the baby out after 3.6 hours of pushing. It turned out that she was in a posterior position, which raises your risk for cesarean. See more about how to position your baby for a better birth at Spinning Babies.

In the second case, I was trying to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) at a birth center and ended up transferring to the hospital for another cesarean. It wasn’t considered “emergency,” but I just couldn’t get the baby out after this time 8 hours of pushing (you read that right).

After an unplanned cesarean,  you arrive home feeling in a lot of pain, often emotionally as well as physically. You’re often a mess! You feel bad, you can’t move, you have difficulty even picking up the baby. After my second cesarean, I had what they call a “spinal headache,” which is a complication from the spinal. I couldn’t sit up for more than 10 minutes without having a massive migraine. This went on for a solid week before it repaired itself. For some women, they have to go back to the hospital to have it repaired. There was a lot of crying in that first week!

How does Hypnosis Help?

Just listening to a calming voice with calming music behind it can help you reduce anxiety and feel better. More than meditations, hypnosis goes deeper to give suggestions for quicker healing and less pain on a physical and emotional level. You end up with faster healing of your incision, which means less scar tissue, less possibility of infection, and less pain. You’re going to be up and around much faster and quicker and enjoying the new baby much faster. When you’re in less physical pain, you have an easier time taking care of a baby as well as other children that you may have.

Reduce fear, reduce complications, and quicken healing time with a Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth.

Cesareans are one of the most common surgeries that women undergo. For a mama taking care of a baby, faster healing with hypnosis means more mobility, less anxiety, less depression, and a better bonding with the baby.

Hypnosis for Cesarean Birth



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