Parenting Quotes to Help you through the hard days and nights!

Today I mixed it up a little bit on my YouTube channel. I decided to put some of my favorite parenting quotes. I talk a little bit at the beginning about how quotes are, yes, cliche sometimes. But also how they sometimes help get you through the hard days.

I had severe Post-partum Depression with both my girls. And with my second child, I ran across the quote that every child needs someone who just lights up when they see them. That wasn’t me during my darkest days. But they had a great aunt that absolutely lit up and was so excited to see them every single time. And they loved her too. They still do! It gave me comfort that they had her, had someone, even if it wasn’t their mom (or dad).

After I was much, much better and was basically over my Postpartum depression (treatment / talk therapy is what helped me), then I could express the joy that I felt for them much better. I still light up when I see them if it’s been a while – maybe they’ve been at their dad’s house or at a friend’s house or sometimes just in school.PMD treatment fort lauderdale

Sometimes moms who have had post-partum depression report that a great sadness for them is that they didn’t have this feeling when their child was a baby. They could see it in other moms who raved about their kids, but they didn’t feel it themself. Some of the healing that needs to take place is letting go of this guilt and acknowledging that you did or are doing the best you can at the time.

Acknowledge also that the child has a home, is fed, is clothed, is loved. There are other people who can smile at the baby for you or take them out in public and let people smile at them (and you). All of that helps.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Dr. LizI hope you enjoy the video and catch some inspiration from it, just a quote or two that you can carry with you.

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