asleep at the laptop insomnia treatment hypnosisIt’s not like the show “Working Moms!”

Hypnosis is nothing like it is on the show, “Working Moms.” I actually love the show itself. It’s super funny without judgement of the struggles moms face.

But there’s an “evil hypnotist,” Dr. Brad, who shows up in season 2. He uses hypnosis for “bad,” implanting thoughts into his students’ minds as well as trying to into Anne’s (one of the moms) mind. There are SO, SO many ethical violations going on with Dr. Brad, too many to count. I also might add that Anne, playing a psychologist, does things NO psychologist would *hopefully* ever do either.

What’s “Real” Hypnosis?

Hypnosis in the real world does use a guided relaxation to slow down the brain waves into an Alpha or Theta state so that change can happen more easily. Once the brainwaves are slower, I then talk about the changes they want to make, priming the brain to make the changes easily and naturally. Or we may work on resolving trauma that may be painful and/or holding them back. The vast majority of my sessions are recorded for them to listen to at home or as a record of the session. 

Can someone say bad stuff to you in hypnosis? Yes, they can. Will you go out and act on it? Most likely NOT if it’s not aligned with your goals of change. But it’s a good reason to find someone who is a member of the community, has been in practice a while, has some good reviews or is a referral from your friend or doctor. And who you feel comfortable with in the initial phone call and during the first session. If you ever feel like, “this is not the person for me” or “I don’t trust this person,” no matter who it is or how highly they’re recommended, then I encourage you to call someone else.

Hypnosis is not for everyone and is not appropriate for everyone either. I’m Anxiety & OCD Specialist trained in all kinds of cognitive “talk therapy” techniques. Hypnosis is only one technique that can be helpful for someone and we decide that together as we go. It’s never a case of me “imposing” hypnosis on someone (no, no no!).

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