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Hi, Dr. Liz here, and I’m doing a series on insomnia for you. I am an expert in insomnia. I have special certification in hypnosis for insomnia, and then I also combine that with CBT cognitive behavior therapy. And the two of those together are wonderful to get you sleeping better and feeling better. I also run the online program. Sleep better, feel better. So you can always check my website and see if one is running soon. Or you can always work with me individually. Anyway, enough of that stuff, let’s get to the relationship of insomnia and weight loss. Now, I hear this a lot in my office. And when I work with people through zoom all over the world, that they can’t lose weight, they feel like their sleep is interfering. And I can tell you, yes, that is the truth. Okay? To help yourself lose weight, get your insomnia under control.

Get better sleep right now that does not mean seven to eight hours per night, all the way through. Okay. That is a total myth that you have to do that, right? There’s when they do studies in sleep research labs. And when they look back in history, nobody gets seven to eight hours continuous per night, unless you’re my husband, he was asleep like that. But, in general, that is not actually how we’re made to sleep biologically. So that’s not what I’m talking about. I am part of a low carb support group, Dr. Cho’s group, who I highly recommend. The diet just happens to work for me. You can use any diet. You want to lose weight, whatever you’re comfortable with. It just happens to be a very sustainable diet for me and has brought in me, has brought me all kinds of benefits. Like my A1C came out, it came out of the pre-diabetic range.

I lost 55 pounds. I resolved non-alcoholic fatty liver, like all kinds of health benefits. All right. My point though, is he talks constantly in the support group about sleep, about the relationship. If sleep, he considers it. One of his pillars of weight loss is to improve your sleep and get that area of your life. Feeling good, operating well, feeling like it’s consistent. And there’s all kinds of like hormonal science related to it. That honestly, I’m not going to get into because I don’t quite understand because I am not a medical doctor. I am a therapist I’m on that side of things, but that is one of his top recommendations. So, if you’re interested in insomnia and improving your insomnia, then watch the other videos in this series. You can listen to my podcast and you can always, of course contact me. Alright? You can do that over at my website, and also don’t forget to subscribe. All right. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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