Inner Child Hypnosis as a way of Healing Past Hurts

Today’s video is about Inner Child Hypnosis. Transcript is below as well as some more thoughts about Inner Child Hypnosis!

Inner Child Hypnosis is pretty specific but it’s one type of hypnosis that I do that people find truly healing that we can go back in time to when they were little bitty children and do some healing there. I take you back to the house that you were in and how you picture the clothes you were wearing, and what your hair was like. Sometimes it’s little pig tails, sometimes if it’s a boy, it’s a little shaggy cut.

Then we work on work with your parents at that age, and that of course is custom for every person. Every person has a  unique experience of their parents as a little kid. That is where a lot of the healing comes through though. Often people who were cut off from their parents find that this is a way to work on that and create some healing in their life in a way that is safe for them, that’s not in contact with their parents.

Even if they are in contact with their parents, it can also be healing and shift the way that they interact with them as an adult.

Inner Child Hypnosis is a way of healing past hurts.

Inner Child Hypnosis is a way of healing past hurts and/or abuse.

More Thoughts on Inner Child Hypnosis

In the video, I talk about if someone is cut off from their parents. But this type of hypnosis can also be used for people who’s parents have passed away. When a parent dies, particularly if the relationship had a lot of conflict in it or a lot of hurt, some of the grief that happens is that there is a feeling on no longer being able to heal with that parent. The opportunity is gone to talk to that person directly.

Some people carry the fantasy while the parent is alive that healing will someday happen. Their parent will listen to them, respect them, apologize, and/or suddenly transform into their ideal parent. This does sometimes happen. The parent, even later in life, begins to do their own psychotherapy work, and can become more responsive to their adult child.

Often when the parent is alive and Inner Child work is done, your relationship will shift due to you doing your own healing independent of your parent.

But sometimes the parent dies before that type of work can be done. Inner Child Hypnosis can help you go back and give your little bitty self the care and love and tending that you needed at the time.

 It’s very Emotional Work

I feel like I have to give a standard warning here that Inner Child work is very emotional work. I have never had a client not get emotional when doing inner child work. Sometimes it happens during the hypnosis, sometimes afterwards.Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy with Dr. Liz All that means is that it helps heal on a truly deep level. And that we need to prepare for that and make sure you have concrete ways to take care of yourself and your Inner Child after the appointment.

You are not left without support after the hypnosis. I actually don’t do Inner Child work without scheduling a follow-up appointment so that I can support the changes and emotional shifts going on. I also make sure we have time after the hypnosis to ground, to get you back in a space to be able to drive home or back to work or where ever you’re going.
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