Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Does hypnosis for weight loss work? Absolutely!

Q: Does hypnosis for weight loss work? A: Absolutely! Enhance weight loss with hypnosis. Available in Broward County, Florida and on an international basis with Online Therapy.

Many people ask if Hypnosis for Weight loss works. Below is a brief review of a study that shows not only does it “work,” it helps maintain the weight loss for 2+ years if not more.

The kind of hypnosis for weight loss that I do focuses on changing patterns in your life to support health. It focuses on feeling better about yourself, positive acceptance, changing your eating patterns, and changing exercise patterns into ones that are healthy for you. That may mean starting with chair yoga or going for a brief walk or just stretching. It may mean more intense exercise. We explore these patterns as well as eating patterns and then change them into ones that you want with hypnosis.

Pattern changes are much more effective than straight up one session “hypnosis for weight loss.”

Hypnosis for Weight Loss is Effective

There are all kinds of studies supporting hypnosis for weight loss to help you make all the changes you want to make, but let me be clear. None of these studies do follow-ups longer than two years. Sometimes, that’s all someone wants. “Two years would be great!” I’ve heard again and again. I am of the opinion that if we change your eating habits and exercise habits, then longer-term change is possible.

There was a journal article published in 1996 from the Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology; 64(3): 517-519. Now I know 1996 sounds old, but we haven’t really changed as human beings since then. That study found that hypnosis helped people lose on average 14.88 pounds. That’s 6.75 kg.  People who didn’t have the hypnosis lost an average of 6.03 lbs (2.74kg).

The study did conclude that hypnosis is most effective when combined with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Enhance weight loss with hypnosis.

Enhance weight loss with hypnosis. Available in Broward County, Florida and on an international basis with Online Therapy.

It’s like the hypnosis enhanced the effect of CBT. To quote the study author,

“Nevertheless, the mean weight loss reported in the five studies indicate that hypnosis can more than double the effects of a cognitive-behavioral treatment.”

What does this mean for you? In my practice in Broward County, Florida when someone comes in for weight loss, we don’t do just one session. We do a series of sessions which focus on changing thought patterns and lifestyle choices into healthy ones with CBT and then solidify and enhance those changes in the brain pathways with hypnosis.

Hypnosis helps you Maintain Weight Loss

You benefit as a client for significant weight loss which lasts. Many people lose weight for a bit and then gain it back. This is not good for anyone! The advantage of hypnosis combined with CBT is that you maintain the weight loss. Here’s another quote from the study:

“The data also indicate that the impact of hypnosis increases over time, suggesting that it is especially useful for long-term maintenance of weight loss.”

That means if you lose 15 pounds, you keep it off. But let’s say that you lose 15 pounds and then start to gain some back. This is all too familiar for most people who go up and down in their weight. What do you do? Easy! Start listening to your hypnosis mp3 again and watch the weight melt off so that you’re back to your goal weight.

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Yours in health,
Dr. Liz