How is your eating and health these days?

People went OFF the scale with their eating when the pandemic first hit, but I’m wondering if you’ve adjusted back to your regular patterns . . . or not. I know many are still working from home with a refrigerator living in the same house (or in my case, insatiable teens who have decided to bake every day for their hobby)!

If you’re stress eating, I have a good tip for you that comes from the Mindful Eating world.

Rate your hunger and fullness on a scale.

And set your intention for where you want to be after you have eaten.

Typically, people have used a 1-10 scale (with 1 being starving and 10 being sick). I’ve used that one for years, but honestly I sometimes find it hard to remember.

Recently, I heard about a -2 to a +2 scale. This felt much simpler to me!

I honestly couldn’t find a graphic, so I came up with my own (or rather the red-haired teen did!). Feel free to share it.

Plan to eat when you’re at a -1 and stop when you’re at a +1. Super simple.

2 point hunger fullness scale


It takes some practice to think about your hunger, to tune into it. And to think about your signals that your body is full. Some people lose sight of those signals completely. Here are a couple:

  • Your eating slows down.
  • There’s more time between bites.
  • You find yourself thinking about something else.
  • The food doesn’t taste as good as when you started.
  •  You find yourself thinking about or ready to do something else.
  • You want to drink water more.

If you’re eating beyond your signals (i.e., ignoring them), then notice that as well. Check in with what’s going on emotionally. Did you have a hard day? Did you get some bad news? Are you feeling lonely or sad?

If you’re ignoring your hunger signals, also consider what’s going on for you (unless you’re fasting). Did something emotional happen? Do you feel “too busy” to take care of yourself? Do you feel like you don’t truly matter so don’t take the time to eat?

Hopefully this one tip helps you in these pandemic days. Click to Read More about how hypnosis can help you take control of your eating.

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