How to Make the Past Count!

Many people want a clean slate when a new year rolls around. You’re probably already receiving emails that say New Year, New Start! I heard a very well-known coach say recently, “Stop looking at the past! It doesn’t matter!”

But I’m of the opinion that the past really does count, shouldn’t be ignored or “wiped away,” and can help us. It forms us and shapes us and informs how we want to think about and be in the future. Without it, how do you decide what you want to change?

In fact, when people start to lose memories of the past we start to worry. From a disease perspective, we call it Alzheimers. At the extreme, it can lead to addiction (wanting to numb and exist solely in the present).

When we work towards integration of the past, present, and future we move into a fuller state of possibilities and a more mature perspective.

Use your past to help your future

To use the past to your advantage, think of the best decision you made in the past year. Then the worst. See if they’re related in some way. And then see if either of them can help you move towards taking action in the future.

How Hypnosis can help you Change

Hypnosis is just one way to change. Depending on what type we’re doing . . .

  • We’re resolving trauma from the past so that we can have a better present and future.
  • Or we’re forming new neural pathways to change a habit from the present and to learn a better habit that we want in the future (ex., overeating to normal eating).
  • Or we’re healing physical structures in the body so that we can have a better present (ex., hypnosis for IBS or migraines).
  • Or we’re preventing something in the future so that we can have a better future (ex., the free hypnosis to Boost your Immune System or to Heal Faster after Surgery).
There are all kinds of ways to change and people find what they need at the time. Hypnosis is just one way.
I hope you have some good dreams and goals for this year! I’m here to support you for healthy, happy change.

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